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Outdoor Gym Equipment for Parks, Recreation Grounds and Community Projects

Fully compliant, safe, high quality outdoor gyms with strong vandal resistant construction

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Outdoor Gym Equipment for Parks, Recreation Grounds and Community Projects

Safe, high quality with strong vandal resistant construction

Park Gym Equipment

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Outdoor Gym Equipment for Parks, Recreation Grounds and Community Projects

Fresh Air Fitness works with parish councils, town councils, borough councils and county councils to provide outdoor gym solutions for parks and recreation grounds and community projects across the UK. Our award-winning range of outdoor fitness equipment has been specifically designed to be used by all community members regardless of age and ability.

Why An Outdoor Gym?

Since 2007, we are proud to have been able to offer affordable, sustainable, and accessible outdoor gym equipment. Our outdoor exercise equipment covers the four key elements of fitness: cardio, strength, flexibility and balance. Young people, adults and people with disabilities will find something that suits their fitness needs and we are constantly developing our range based on customer feedback and advances in technology.

Outdoor fitness equipment is perfect for public parks and green spaces, but it is also excellent as part of an urban or residential regeneration project. It provides so much more than just a ‘free to use’ fitness solution. It has long-lasting benefits to communities including improvements in social cohesion, community health and a reduction in anti-social behaviour, loneliness and isolation.

Supply and Installation of Outdoor Gym Fitness Equipment

We offer an end to end professional and friendly service which includes:

- Site inspection – Recommendations on layout, surfacing and waterlogging solutions to support your vision and plan

- Design and production – Outdoor gym equipment that is fully EN 16630 compliant.

- Delivery and Installation: Agree a delivery and installation date to suit you.

- Signage: Installation of safety signage and bespoke information boards (where applicable). 

- Maintenance and warranty: A 25-year warranty on all main structural parts and a comprehensive maintenance pack.

Please make an enquiry today on 01483 608 860 with any questions you may have or a brochure request. Alternatively, you can get in touch using our enquiry form.

Who uses park gym equipment?

Outdoor gym facilities in parks can be utilised by individuals of all ages, those with disabilities, personal fitness trainers, bootcamp groups, sports clubs and more.

An outdoor park gym provides a comprehensive workout with various equipment designed to increase heart rate and muscle activity. It can also serve as a warm-up or cool down routine for joggers or runners.

Outdoor park gyms are free of charge and are particularly favoured by senior fitness enthusiasts as they foster a sense of community, reduce feelings of loneliness, and enhance overall fitness levels and self-confidence. Read Dave’s story about how a local outdoor gym significantly improved his health and well-being after suffering from a chronic illness.

Sports teams can also take advantage of an outdoor gym located near their playing fields. It can be used for group exercise either as warm-up exercises or cool down sessions before a game or as part of a comprehensive fitness training regimen.

Youngsters can enjoy the outdoors and test their limits at the gym with calisthenic body weight training or by using equipment that allows them to adjust the level of difficulty and resistance.

When outdoor gyms are situated next to playgrounds, parents can work out while keeping an eye on their children. 

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Ilton Parish Council

Outdoor gym opening event

Benefits of Outdoor Gym Equipment in Communities

  • Regenerates a deprived area
  • Free option for older people to keep active and socialise
  • Offers local sports clubs a place to train as a team
  • Creates social cohesion through a central focal point
  • Improves community recreation and leisure facilities
  • Increases footfall back into a city or town
  • Creates a trim trail for families and adults to explore
  • Reduces anti-social behaviour
  • Helps to improve the fitness levels of the local community
  • It's FREE to use and accessible to everyone

Windlesham Field of Remembrance Opens Outdoor Gym


With a variety of equipment for the whole community to use.


I can’t believe how quickly it was achieved and what a good job has been done.


Many thanks to you for a very efficient process from ordering to installation. The gentlemen who installed on both days this week were extremely professional and courteous.


Very professional and quick delivery arrangements. Installation was thorough and done to a high standard.


Fresh-Air Fitness were very easy to deal with and a good service. The equipment is brilliant and has been well received


Product has already attracted favourable comment from residents from all age groups, just days after installation.


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If you would like to find out more or have any questions at all, we are here to help. Speak to one of our outdoor fitness equipment experts on 01483 608 860 or alternatively email our team using the link below:


Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Studies have shown that physical activity outdoors lowers an individual’s blood pressure and heart rate. As a result, outdoor exercise feels less strenuous than similar exercise indoors, which, in turn, pushes you closer to your maximum performance.

Indoor germs and bacteria spread less outdoors. The vitamin D from natural daylight gives your immune system a boost. Trying out some of the local park outdoor gym equipment, which is completely free to use to the public and supports an active lifestyle. Regular outdoor activity is known to decrease depression and stress levels.

Fresh outdoor air and natural sunlight invigorate the body and give you more energy. Seratonin release increases when you breathe in greater amounts of oxygen from exercising outside. Seratonin promotes a sense of happiness and well-being so the more fresh air you breathe in, the more it will boost your mood.

Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gyms inspire communities to combine fitness with fresh air, resulting in a healthier and happier community.

Safety and Compliance of Outdoor gym equipment

  • Supply, delivery and installation of outdoor gym and fitness units is EN 16630 compliant.
  • Supply and installation of hardcore material to a compacted depth and a finished surface is EN 16630 compliant for each specific unit.
  • The gym equipment is compatible with the European Standard for Permanently Installed Outdoor Fitness Equipment (EN 16630).
  • The gym equipment is robust with low maintenance requirements and capable of being used by large numbers of people in a public park environment.
  • The outdoor fitness equipment is aesthetically pleasing and compatible with its surroundings
  • All gym equipment has a minimum of 25 years structural warranty, 5-year paint warranty and 2 years warranty on bearing and moving parts.
  • All gym equipment has undergone load testing.
  • All gym equipment is designed in accordance with the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) and evidence can be provided.
  • The outdoor fitness equipment is supplied fully assembled, properly protected for handling and complete with all fixings and full and clear instructions.

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