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Fresh Air Fitness Outdoor Gym, Park, Winchester

Space Planning & Installation Information

Your new gym can be installed into an array of different surfacing types including, grass, tarmac, wet pour, rubber mulch and concrete.

Grass tiles

These black rubber mesh mats are embedded into the ground, allowing the grass to grow through them. They are tough enough to allow a lawn mower to run over them. They protect people from falls and prevent 'bald spots' forming in the grass.

Rubber Mulch

This is made from rubber chips, bonded together to provide an impact absorbent safety surface. Made from a coated re-cycled shredded rubber, it looks a little like bark.

Wet Pour

Wet pour is made from black or coloured rubber crumbs, providing an impact absorbent safety surface.


Low maintenance and hard wearing, we can add tarmac beneath each piece of equipment or as a fresh surface beneath your entire gym.

Concrete plinth

Another low maintenance option, again, concrete can be added in small sections beneath each piece of equipment or as a surface for the entire gym.

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If you would like to find out more or have any questions at all, we are here to help. Speak to one of our outdoor fitness equipment experts on 01483 608 860 or alternatively email our team using the link below:


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