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Outdoor Gym Equipment for the Active Ageing

You really can get (and stay!) fit at any age.

Our award-winning, outdoor gym equipment for older adults has been designed specifically to provide low impact exercise options for seniors and those with reduced mobility.

Since 2007, we have designed, manufactured and installed the very best in senior fitness equipment at a competitive price, with over 50 pieces to choose from and all with a 25-year warranty.

Keeping our bodies moving regularly supports the mental, physical and social health of entire communities and within the older generation, has been proven to enhance happiness, protect from falls, delay dementia and improve overall quality of life.

You might like to:

  • Help older people to remain independent for as long as possible
  • Provide a place for social interaction, an important part in maintaining mental well-being.
  • Provide an additional facility that doesn’t require staff management
  • Create an outdoor gym that combines flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness for optimum wellbeing.
  • Provide a facility for group fitness classes
  • Regenerate an otherwise unused area of land

Why An Outdoor Gym?

The Best Exercise for Seniors

At Fresh Air Fitness, we understand that as we reach retirement, strengthening and conditioning exercise becomes even more essential than ever before to overall wellbeing. 

Research has shown that the fear of falling increases the risk of actually doing so. Physical training using a Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym increases muscle mass, bone density and joint flexibility. You will feel stronger and more independent, making daily tasks such as dressing or going to the shops easier and more relaxing.  

Exercising is fun and the equipment is always popular, from our three user-station hip twister, to our double air walkeror our arm and pedal bike. We even install table tennis tables which provide hours of entertainment and increase physical and mental agility. 

Outdoor Gym Equipment for Fitness Activities at Care Homes

Having an outdoor gym at your care home is an excellent way to upgrade your existing facilities and incentivise residents and visitors to spend time outside. It supports functional fitness which is a type of fitness designed to train and develop your muscles to make it easier and safer to perform everyday activities - such as rising up and down from a chair or picking up low objects. 

An outdoor gym provides a great focus for group activity in a novel and interesting way. The equipment is fully inclusive, easy to operate and can be enjoyed by wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility. 

All of our instruction labels are etched with white writing to aid the visually impaired.

Would you like to work with us?

Working together, we will create an innovative outdoor gym for your needs.


Marina Court Residential Care Home Outdoor Gym, Gloucester


A new pensioner's playground for the residents of Marina Court Care Home by Fresh Air Fitness


After 8 years of holding exercise classes, an outdoor gym seemed the natural progression of indoor classes


Would you like to work with us?

Working together, we will create an outdoor gym for your seniors to suit your exact requirements. We have installed over 3000 outdoor gym installations to date across the UK and we provide an efficient, friendly service and, of course, exceptional equipment.  If you require funding for your project, our funding expert will work with you to provide support on the various different ways you can secure funds. We also have a range of outdoor gym special offers each month. 

Alternatively, speak to one of our experts: 01483 608 860

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