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Outdoor Gym and Fitness Equipment by Fresh Air Fitness

Fresh Air Fitness is the market leader in outdoor gym equipment. We have installed more than 4,000 outdoor gym solutions across the UK, and offer the largest range of products available nationwide.

The company has three main passions driving its success. The first is a dedication to our customers and end users, the second is an obsession with the quality of our products. Lastly, the ambition to help the people of Britain beat the country's growing obesity crisis.

At Fresh Air Fitness we work in partnership with our customers. From the first enquiry through to the installation to ensure our outdoor fitness equipment meets the needs of its users perfectly, including adults, children, people with disabilities and special educational needs.

Our team is constantly reviewing and adding to our product range. Bringing an array of outdoor gym equipment which offers flexibility to our customers and end users. This ensures that your local outdoor gym is successful and suitable for users of all fitness levels.

The founding ethos of the fitness brand was born from a desire to help the people of the UK to get fitter and healthier, whilst in the open air and at no cost to the individual.

Starting out small, the company has grown in success every year, proving that our philosophy resonates with people everywhere. Fresh Air Fitness is actively contributing to the fitness of the nation. We have been installing outdoor gym equipment for customers across the country since 2007.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Gym Equipment?

A key benefit of an outdoor gym is the ability to exercise in the fresh air rather than a ‘stuffy' gym. However, there are many more advantages to using outdoor fitness equipment.

Outdoor gyms in community spaces and public parks are free for the public to use. There are no costly membership fees or contracts to tie you in, making outdoor fitness accessible to everyone. There are no gym opening times to be tied to or off-peak-only timings to negotiate. Simply turn up and use the outdoor fitness equipment whenever suits you.

Unlike most indoor gym equipment which requires electricity. Once installed outdoor gyms are designed to only require the power of the person using it. Outdoor gyms get people outside, appreciating the green spaces in their communities.

There is no need for an instructor when using outdoor fitness equipment. The apparatus is simple and safe to use, and resistance is provided by the users' own bodyweight. Because of the public location of the gym equipment, outdoor gyms become a sociable place. Perfect for group exercise, helping to build strong and healthy communities.

The health advantages of exercising in the great outdoors are not confined to strengthening muscles and burning calories. Moving your workout outside, allows users to benefit from extra doses of vitamin D from the sun. Plus a mood boost that comes from being outdoors and breathing fresh air while you exercise.

Walkers exercising on Fresh Air Fitness equipment

Wide Range of Outdoor Fitness Equipment Available

The outdoor exercise equipment manufactured by Fresh Air Fitness has been designed and developed by sports and exercise professionals. From building strength in all the major muscle groups, developing cardiovascular fitness to improving flexibility, balance and co-ordination. Each product is rigorously tested, far beyond the required standards. Robust and durable, our gyms come with extensive guarantees, offering a great investment that will stand the test of time.

3 men exercising on Fresh Air Fitness gym equipment

Adult Outdoor Gym Equipment

There are more than 40 different pieces of outdoor fitness equipment to choose from. This makes it easy to design bespoke outdoor gym equipment for adults. The range of gym equipment is ideal from playful aerobic exercise to serious muscle building. Fresh Air Fitness ensures each outdoor gym is perfectly tailored to suit the requirements of the user.

For example, student using outdoor exercise equipment on a university or college campus might prefer the challenging Horizontal Ladder or the sociable Table Tennis Table. Whilst in areas with ageing populations the older adult might find more benefit in using the Hip Twister or Recumbent Bike.

Physical exercise gives people the chance to play and have fun while improving fitness, stamina and strength. Much of the outdoor gym equipment is designed to be sociable and help build connections.

The Double Rower, allows two people to row face to face for motivation and conversation, as does the Double Cross-Country Skier. The Cardio Combi is perfect for a friendly workout and can be used by one, two, three or, four people simultaneously. The Big Rig is the most sociable product, allowing 16 people to use the equipment at one time. Great for teams or for groups of friends to get active while catching up.

Children's Outdoor Gym Equipment

Outdoor gyms are ideal to encourage healthy active children. An outdoor gym provides the perfect transition from playgrounds through to using gym equipment. This can help keep muscles strong, and to foster a life-long love of exercise.

Fresh Air Fitness gym equipment in school

For younger infant and junior aged children Fresh Air Fitness has tailor-made, smaller versions of the most popular pieces of equipment. Outdoor gym equipment for primary school children includes bestsellers include the Children's Air Skier, Children's Cardio Combi and Children's Monkey Bars.

For older senior school and college students the adult sized gym equipment is recommended. Parallel Gym Bars, Twist & Step, Big Rig and the Air Walker are all popular choices for this age group.

Students exercising on Fresh Air Fitness gym equipment for schools

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular exercise is that which raises the heart rate. It gets the blood pumping around the body, and ultimately helps to protect the health of the cardiovascular system. Doctors recommend 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week to keep the heart healthy.

Fresh Air Fitness offers over 20 outdoor fitness equipment products for cardiovascular activity. There are more outdoor cardio equipment such as the Bicycle or Cross-country Skier. Plus the more adventurous Air Skier or Arm and Pedal Bike.

Walkers exercising on Fresh Air Fitness equipment

Resistance Training

Resistance training is exercise that builds muscular strength and endurance, by lifting, pulling or pushing against resistance. Often these exercises use weights or gravity, or sometimes your own body weight.

Some of our most popular outdoor gym equipment for resistance training for specific muscle groups, include the Resistance Bicep Curl, Resistance Shoulder Press, and the Resistance Bench Press. For giving the legs a good work out there is the Resistance Stepper, the Resistance Leg Press and the Resistance Squat Station.

Woman exercising on Fresh Air Fitness equipment

Improve Flexibility & Balance

Some exercises have the benefit of providing improved flexibility and balance. By building these exercises into a workout this helps to increase the body's range of motion in joints. This can also help to protect against falls and injuries. Fresh Air Fitness supplies 24 different pieces of outdoor gym equipment for balance and flexibility.

The Hip Twister, Double Air Walker and well-loved Balance Beams are designed to help build balance and coordination skills. Equipment like the T'ai Chi Spinners and Elliptical Cross Trainer will help promote flexibility in the joints and muscles. This helps to avoid the associated issues with stiffness.

Man using Fresh Air Fitness equipment

Strength Training

Strength training helps to build muscle strength, muscle mass and preserve bone density. Strengthening exercises have the ability to combat weakness, fragility and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and decrease the risk of injury. Using outdoor fitness equipment for strength like the Big Rig, Self Weighted Rower and Sit Up Benches can help to build essential strength. The Chin Up Bars, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Ladder all rely on the user's own body weight to help develop strength.

Man exercising outdoors on Fresh Air Fitness equipment

Where We Install our Outdoor Gym Equipment

Our outdoor fitness equipment can be installed in nearly any outdoor space to provide benefit to anyone and everyone. This includes schools, Parish and Borough Councils, housing associations, NHS and Mental Health Trusts, Holiday Parks, Hotels & Spas, Service Stations, Corporate Campus, Prisons and more.

Case Studies

Haverhill Primary School, Clements Academy

Clements Academy wanted to inspire the children of Haverhill Primary School to get active. The children requested an outdoor gym which could be used during break and lunchtimes, as well as PE lessons.

The school council worked alongside teachers and selected to work with Fresh Air Fitness and chose the pieces of equipment. The result is a robust and sociable outdoor gym which can be used by up to 15 pupils at one time. This provides a range of exercises for cardiovascular workouts, strength building as well as improving flexibility and balance.

Thoresby Hotel and Spa

Warner Hotels, who offer luxury adult-only getaways, commissioned Fresh Air Fitness to develop an outdoor gym at their Thoresby Hall Hotel and Spa. The Victorian country mansion hotel were looking for a high-quality solution that would match their reputation of quality and luxury.

Fresh Air Fitness installed seven pieces of outdoor gym equipment set out as a ‘trim trail' around the grounds. This provided a perfect combination of cardiovascular and strength building equipment. Set against a scenic backdrop of nature in the hotel grounds, the gym equipment is well used by guests. They welcome the opportunity to work-out privately in the peaceful surroundings.

Windlesham Field of Remembrance

The Field of Remembrance in Windlesham, Surrey, is a fantastic open space including a pond, woodland and a children's play area. Used, owned and maintained by the village residents, it is the hub of the community, hosting events, fetes, and football matches throughout the year. It was felt that by adding an outdoor gym it could serve the village community all the more.

Fresh Air Fitness worked closely with trustees to decide the best positioning of the equipment. This was decided to be in a curve running between one football pitch towards the playground, accessible from the wooded area and the car park.

Seven pieces of outdoor gym equipment were selected allowing 12 people to work out simultaneously. This provides the community a chance to increase their fitness levels whilst having fun outdoors with their families.

For more information about Fresh Air Fitness contact 01483 608860 or 0151 329 3550 or complete our contact us form and a representative will be in touch to deal with your enquiry.