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Park Bumper Package

7 Piece Outdoor Gym for 12 Users at once only £9,900 Delivered and Installed with Grass Mats.

ONLY £9,900

An Outdoor Gym for the Whole Community

The Bumper Package has been carefully designed to provide a variety of outdoor gym equipment, offering both strength and cardiovascular training.

Many pieces have multiple user stations, allowing 12 people to use the gym at once. People of all ages and abilities can use and benefit from this equipment, from absolute beginners to those who exercise regularly. Working at their own pace, setting their own personal targets to increase heart strength, build muscle mass and tone, develop flexibility, improving fitness and mental health.

This incredible package includes supply, installation and 'Grass Mats' installed around the high wear points of the equipment protecting the grass.

The package also includes the supply and installations of an EN16630 sign, required to ensure your site complies with relevant standards.

Working out in the fresh air offers so many benefits, by providing access to an outdoor gym, your community has the opportunity to get fitter alone, with friends, clubs or family for free, promoting health and mental wellbeing.  

We also provide lots of support to help everyone use the equipment safely and effectively:

- Each product is labelled with safety information and instructions for use

- Our YouTube channel has individual 'How to' instructional videos for each product, users can follow and use the equipment with confidence.

- Users can download our App for FREE! The app has a wealth of information, including suggested workouts, warm ups, cool downs and more.


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Windlesham Field of Remembrance Opens Outdoor Gym


With a variety of equipment for the whole community to use.


When I come here to work out, I meet people that I've never met before, so it really does bring the community together


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