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Fresh Air Fitness Outdoor Gym at Hammersmith Park

Hammersmith Park, Shepherds Bush Outdoor Gym Project


Hammersmith Park sits at the heart of the community providing green, fresh, healthy space for city dwellers to reap the health and wellbeing benefits of the outdoors. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea already understood the huge benefits of outdoor gym equipment for communities, and after a rigorous tender process chose to partner with Fresh Air Fitness for this exceptional project.

Fresh Air Fitness Outdoor Gym at Hammersmith Park

The Background

Open spaces and green parks bring cohesion to local communities, boosting mental and physical wellbeing by providing space to exercise in the outdoors. As part of the council's continued commitment to improve its parks and open spaces, and having seen the enormous success of the outdoor gym at their Kensington Memorial Park, Kensington & Chelsea Borough Council proposed to install a new outdoor gym in Hammersmith Park.

Hammersmith and Fulham residents were at the heart of their strategy and with extensive consultation including a dedicated website, locals agreed an outdoor gym facility would benefit the community.

A suitable site was identified and recommended to transform a little utilised patch of barren land into an outdoor fitness zone with multiple pieces of innovative outdoor gym equipment. Fresh Air Fitness won the tender, becoming their chosen provider.

The Challenge

The outdoor gym needed to meet the diverse needs of the local population. The equipment had to be suitable for beginners to advanced levels of fitness and a wide potential age range of users. It was critical that pieces were simple to use and exercise suggestions were available.

Inclusivity and accessibility was important when selecting each piece of outdoor gym equipment.

Due to the natural and green nature of the park, a neutral colourway and design would be central to the finished product, to blend seamlessly with its surroundings and create a space to switch off and escape from the hustle and busy of city life.

The Solution

The innovative, Fresh Air Fitness Outdoor Gym included 22 user stations with the following pieces:

Accessible Combi: Pull Down and Chest Press (2 users)
• Resistance bench press
• Surface graphics of an agility ladder
• 3x Plyo boxes
• Hip twister (3 users)
• Cross trainer
• Recumbent bike
• Rower
• Leg press (2 users)
• Surface graphics of lunge circle for body weight exercise
• Accessible arm and pedal bike
NEW Training Rig with accessible parallel bars

The surfacing selected was 'wetpour' which is safe, durable, and permeable, allowing the site to be accessible to all, and available year-round.

About us

Fresh Air Fitness is the UK’s leading provider of outdoor gym equipment. Since 2007, our expert team has designed, manufactured, delivered and installed over 4000 outdoor gyms.

A people-powered, Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym is robust, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

If you would like more information, one of the Fresh Air Fitness team would be delighted to assist with your enquiry on 01483 357289 (South) or 0151 3293550 (North).

Fresh Air Fitness have delivered a wonderful new outdoor gym facility in our park. The gym has utilised and greatly improved an area of the park which was previously underused. The gym is extremely popular and the Fresh air Fitness Team were very easy to work with. Would recommend.


Key Installation Facts

25 yr


For complete peace of mind

20 user

9 Piece

Inclusive outdoor gym

3 piece


3 products suitable for wheelchair users

The Benefits

  • The new outdoor gym is free to use and can be used by the whole community, any age, any level of fitness.
  • Cardio equipment raises the heart rate and burns fat, helping to improve health, reducing obesity whilst boosting mental wellbeing.
  • Labels on the products also give clear instructions on the safe use of the equipment and recommended workout times.
  • Build cardiovascular and muscular strength and tone the body, while improving balance and co-ordination.
  • QR codes take the user directly to an instructional 'how-to' video.
  • The site offers a place for social interaction for the entire community.

Latest Package Offers

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Strength & Cardio Package: 4 pieces/ 13 User, Including the NEW Training Rig ONLY £9,500


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