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Outdoor Gym Equipment Signage, Fresh Air Fitness


Often over-looked but vitally important to maintain safety standards and overall enjoyment of the equipment. The labelling on Fresh Air Fitness equipment is clear, easy to understand and gives guidance for different ability levels. They have also been designed to help the visually impaired. Each piece of equipment comes with it own label attached offering instructions for safe use. Please see examples of the various labels and signs we offer below:

Product Labelling

Product Labelling Each piece of outdoor fitness equipment comes with a specific user guide label, including an illustration, instructions for use and workout suggestion.  These labels are attached to the product along with a general safety label. Our labels are etched with white writing to aid the visually impaired.

Product QR Codes

Products also come with QR codes, which take the user to the relevant 'How-To' instructional video, which provides guidance on various ways to use the equipment and the impact it has on the body.

Facilities Sign

Every supply & installation project found in a public places is supplied with a facilities sign, free of charge. The information on this sign is required by law in public spaces.

Bespoke Sign Boards

We can also supply bespoke sign boards which can provide a general introduction and instructional notice at the entrance of your fitness area, as well as an opportunity for sponsorship & branding. Please speak to your sales representative for options and prices.

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