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Secure funding for your gym today!

Our funding experts have already secured funding for outdoor gyms across the UK. The huge benefits they can bring in terms of health, well-being and strengthening communities simply cannot be underestimated.

We offer funding support to community groups, councils, schools and charities. Our dedicated funding experts have a wealth of experience in securing funds:

  • Filling the skills gap required for the task
  • Produce a positive outcome more cost effectively
  • Provides an impartial view on funding strategies
  • Your organisation will receive 100% of all funds raised.

For the very latest funding opportunities, take a look at our blog Grant Funding Outdoor Gym Equipment or flick through our leaflet below, where you'll find a comprehensive list of the current funding schemes and grants that are presently available.

Our team are focused on helping you achieve the best outcomes possible for your outdoor gym equipment installation. Call us today on: 01483 608860 for more information and you could be installing a new outdoor gym quicker than you think!


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Receive 100% of all funds raised

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If you would like to find out more or have any questions at all, we are here to help. Speak to one of our outdoor fitness equipment experts on 01483 608 860 or alternatively email our team using the link below:


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