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Outdoor Gym Equipment for NHS Hospitals, Rehabilitation Facilities, Private Clinics and Mental Health Trusts

At Fresh Air Fitness we specialise in outdoor gym equipment for the UK health care sector. This includes NHS hospitals, rehabilitation units, private clinics and NHS mental health trusts. Since 2007, we have installed over 4000 award-winning, outdoor gyms nationwide and offer the UK health care sector a complete, end-to-end service from site inspection and design to manufacture, installation and after care. To find out more about installing an outdoor gym at your location, please call 01483 608 860 or complete an enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you.

The benefits of outdoor gym equipment at a UK health care facility

Our outdoor fitness equipment provides gentle rehabilitation exercise to support the process of restoring muscle strength, endurance, power, and improving flexibility. View our full outdoor gym equipment product range.

As well as physical rehabilitation, research shows that there are strong links between physical and mental health and the mental health trusts we work with report that patients who spend time outdoors using the gym equipment have seen amazing additional benefits for their wellbeing. 

An outdoor fitness space allows staff to support patients’ recovery by transforming an otherwise unused area into a sustainable, environmentally sensitive solution with a high quality, weather-resistant and wipe-clean finish.


How long does it take to install an outdoor gym?

Depending on the number of pieces you choose and your surfacing options, an outdoor gym can be delivered and installed within 1-2 days. 

Our experienced team can advise on difficult spaces in a yard, on grass or tarmac and our design team will meet with you to assess your specific needs, make recommendations and organise a solution to suit your requirements.

NHS Outdoor gym equipment: Safety and Operation

Our entire range conforms to UK safety standards (EN1176 & EN16630) and every part is hand assembled by engineers who build each unit to the highest standard.Once built, our equipment is subject to a six-step quality control process, and an external quality control check.

There are no finger entrapments, bumps or crush points on any of our equipment and clear, integrated instructions allow operation without the need for an instructor.

Resistance is provided by the user’s body weight, or a simple dial which is turned to create a more challenging workout.


Special Offers for the NHS for outdoor gym equipment

At Fresh Air Fitness, we ensure that our outdoor gym equipment offers the NHS a product which is excellent value for money. We offer have a wide range of packages, which include a set number of equipment pieces designed to offer a whole-body workout. We also offer a 15% discount on all equipment orders when you quote NHS15


Would you like to work with us?

Working together, we will create an innovative outdoor gym for your needs.


You might like to:

  • Create an additional outside space for your patients and employees to workout in
  • Provide a facility for group fitness classes
  • Provide a place for patients to build self esteem
  • Pave the way for healthier lifestyles, teaching patients how to exercise safely
  • Offer patients with frustrations a place to burn energy
  • Encourage patients to get the benefits of being in the fresh air, vitamin D, Oxygen
  • Regenerate an otherwise unused area of land

A new outdoor gym for Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust


Having witnessed the benefits of Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gyms in many other of the trusts sites, staff decided an outdoor gym was essential for their patients’ recuperation.


The staff have found the new outdoor gym very beneficial for both the patients and themselves and the patients have really enjoyed using the equipment.


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