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Launch event Kidlington

Outdoor Gym Equipment Service to Councils

Fresh Air Fitness offers an end-to-end outdoor gym equipment solution to Councils.

Launch Event of Outdoor Gym

19th July 2022

We are the outdoor gym specialists! We were the first company to bring outdoor gym equipment to the UK in 2007 and have 15 years’ experience and a number of awards for our full service outdoor gym solution.  

Recently, Fresh Air Fitness partnered with Innovate UK in a ground-breaking outdoor gym research project that explored the usage of outdoor gyms. The research highlighted many things and as such, we tailor our solution to maximize long term use of our outdoor gym installations. 

Providing the community with confidence in using outdoor gym equipment is one such finding and as so, from product design, selection and signage to launch events, we do all we can to bolster the Interest, enthusiasm and continued positive experience at the Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym. 


Benefits of Exercising Outdoors 

With over 4,000 installations nationwide, we champion the many benefits of fresh air when combined with fitness and the positive effect it has on mental and physical health for entire communities. 

Studies have shown that physical activity outdoors reduces blood pressure and heart rate as well as providing a sense of overall wellbeing. Workouts are less strenuous and more productive, users avoid germs from exercising indoors and benefit from wonderful natural daylight which gives the immune system a big boost!

Fresh outdoor air and natural sunlight invigorate the body and give you more energy. Moving your body and breathing in fresh air boosts your mood. 


Community Fitness – Creates a sense of belonging

Outdoor fitness equipment is perfect for parks and green spaces, but it is also excellent as part of an urban or residential regeneration project. 

Outdoor gym equipment provides so much more than just a ‘free to use’ fitness option. It has ever-lasting benefits to communities including improvements in social cohesion, community wellbeing and a reduction in anti-social behaviour, loneliness and isolation.

Beyond fitness goals, participating as a community allows us to feel a sense of belonging. This feeling is what can support us through more difficult moments.


Outdoor Gym Packages and What’s Included as Standard

When you invest in outdoor gym equipment, we offer an end-to-end service with a dedicated customer care team. We offer four packages or you can cherry pick which pieces of equipment suit your individual project needs. 

Packages include:

Councils Starter Package  - include 3 pieces of outdoor gym equipment and a 10% saving. 

Councils Starter Package – includes 5 pieces of outdoor gym equipment plus a FREE triple pull up. 

Parks Bumper Package – includes 7 pieces of outdoor gym equipment. 

Big Rig Package – includes our multi-functional, award winning 16-user training rig.


In addition to the equipment, all outdoor gym users have access to the following:

  1. Fresh Air Fitness App – The app is free to download and offers suggestions on warm ups, cool downs and circuit training ideas. There is also a workout timer and an outdoor gym locator, so you can find the nearest outdoor gym equipment location to you. 
  2. How to Videos – Choose from over 60 videos on how to use the equipment for maximum effect and enjoyment, including demonstrations on how to use the equipment to activate different muscle groups for cardiovascular fitness and strength building. 
  3. Big Rig Workout plan – When you install a Big Rig, we install a full-size instructional placard which demonstrates how you can begin your Big Rig Training programme – including attaching resistance bands or battle ropes for even more ways to exercise. 
  4. QR Codes on equipment – Each piece of Fresh Air Fitness gym equipment comes with a pre-fixed instructions plate. These include a QR code giving you access, via a handheld device with QR reader, to our full range of video demonstrations. 
  5. Labelling on equipment – All labelling is designed to assist the visually impaired and provide ways to use the equipment safely and effectively. 


Quality Assurance

Our equipment is rigorously tested and compliant with the European standard EN16630. 

We offer a warranty of 25 years for main structural parts. Our equipment is very robust and testament to this we have been the exclusive providers to HM Prison Service for the past 9 years.  


“Our outdoor gym has already attracted favourable comment from residents of all age groups, just days after installation.” – Liz Dowie, Clerk, Charlton Kings Parish Council


6-8 weeks from payment to installation

Standard installation time is 6-8 weeks after the receipt of a valid purchase order. The gym equipment installation is carried out by our own, highly experienced in-house team. We will always try to book your installation in at a time that is convenient with you, so do discuss your preferences with our Customer Care team. 


“Very professional and quick delivery arrangements. Installation was thorough and done to a high standard.”Kate Brazier, Clerk, Cookhill Parish Council, Alcester


Aftercare and Spares

Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym equipment is designed to be low maintenance. We supply a maintenance pack with instructions to support ongoing maintenance after your installation is complete. 

In addition, we have a dedicated service desk open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm.

Spares are readily available at our warehouse. 


Launch Package

One of the major findings in our research, was that older people and women welcome further instruction and training on how to use the equipment. 

Due to this data research, we offer to hold training sessions at a convenient time with your local council team, to demonstrate use of the equipment to your community base. 


Examples of our work

Kidlington Parish Council

Rushmoor Borough Council

Pannal and Burnbridge Parish Council

Old Basing Town Council   


Contact Us

If you would like further information, the Fresh Air Fitness team would love to help on 01483 608 860 (Southern Office) or 0151 3293550 (Northern Office).

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