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Myth busting outdoor gyms!

We have installed hundreds of outdoor gyms into parks across the UK and we regularly hear the same misconceptions, so we thought this handy list of myth busters might help.

Using Outdoor Gym Equipment

14th October 2019

1. You can’t use them if you’re new to exercise

Not true!

The majority of our range of equipment, particularly those in our cardio and flexibility ranges are the ideal pieces to start on your exercise journey. They are low impact on joints, use a simple fluid movement to work muscles and increase heart rate at a level that suits you.

2. Outdoor gyms won’t give regular gym goers enough of a workout

Not true!

The equipment in our range offers a truly versatile workout, you simply work as hard as you want to, to get the workout you are looking for. The harder, faster and longer you work the more calories you will burn and the fitter you will become.

For a bit of inspiration, why not try one of our HIIT workouts, or simply intersperse your workout with a run round the park for an extra boost of burn!

3. You can’t build muscle using an outdoor gym

Not True!

We have a range of strength equipment that will tone and build muscle using calisthenic/ body weight exercises. Once you’ve mastered technique and built stamina, you could develop further by wearing a weight belt or vest.

4. You can’t burn fat using an outdoor gym

Not true!

Using our cardio range will raise you heart rate significantly. To move into the fat burning zone very much depends on your age, your weight and your heart rate. Generally speaking, if you are working to 60-70% capacity this will put you firmly into the fat burning zone.

5. Outdoor gyms are dirty

Sometimes true! The beauty of our gyms is that you will only find them in the great outdoors, allowing you to workout in the fresh air, often in beautiful surroundings. This does however mean that our gyms are left to contend with all the elements, all year round and so naturally they may on occasion get a little messy. In the event they are, a quick wipe down with a towel or an anti-bac wipe is normally all it takes… and then you’re good to go!

6. You can only use them in fair weather

Well, we think you’ll be the best judge of that. Much like any outdoor activity, as long as you are safe there is no reason why you can’t use the gym in a wide variety of weathers, and let’s face it, here in the UK we’d be pretty limited if we couldn’t!

If it’s raining or the equipment is wet, just take extra care stepping on and off the equipment. A quick rub down with a towel should do the trick. Always ensure you have a good grip before getting on or off, again, use a towel to wipe across handles and seats and if you feel unsafe at any point, stop.

7. The equipment is hard to use

Not true!

The equipment has been designed to be incredibly easy to use. If you are uncertain, each product comes with an instructional label, that shows a little diagram, gives you guidance on its use and the length of time you should be aiming for based on your ability. We’ve also been busy making a full set of instructional videos so that you can watch someone using it. You’ll find these on our free App, just search Fresh Air Fitness in your App store or visit our YouTube channel

8. I’m too old to use an outdoor gym

Not true!

Our outside fitness equipment has been specially designed to provide low impact exercise options, so older people are able to use our products safely. Providing a place to keep active and fit, they also provide a place for social interaction. As well as gentle cardiovascular exercise, our outdoor gyms improve balance, co-ordination, flexibility and they are really good fun to use. Read 76 year old Dave’s story to find out what a huge impact our gym made on his life.

9. It’s not really free to use

Not True!

If you find a Fresh Air Fitness gym in a park that is accessible to the public, it will be absolutely free to use, as is our App which provides access to workouts, instructional videos and lots more.

10. There isn’t one near me

We’ve installed more than 2000 gyms across the UK so we’re confident you’ll find one within easy access. Take a look at our installation map for a gym close to you. If you can’t find one, why not contact your local parish council to suggest adding one.  Often budget is a barrier to these kinds of projects, however, our funding specialist can provide information on funding opportunities, meaning cost doesn’t need to be an issue in installing a facility in your local park.

If you have any other questions that we haven’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly team.  Call us today on 01483 608860


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