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People using council outdoor gym

The background


Old Basing parish council wanted to install an outdoor gym for everyone in their community to use. Without budget set aside and, therefore, the need to secure 100% of the cost via funding, they chose to work with Fresh Air Fitness.

Kids using council outdoor gym

The Challenge

With ages ranging from 11 to 70+ the outdoor gym needed to meet the needs of all ages and all levels of fitness within the community. The equipment needed to be sited within a well-kept recreation ground amongst a number of freshly planted saplings, without causing damage to the area or saplings.

Our Solution

Fresh Air Fitness supported Old Basing and Litchpitt Council to secure £10,000 of funding for their new outdoor gym. We then supplied and installed a six piece gym which would provide a variety of health and fitness benefits to all the local residents. This comprised Air walker, Arm & Pedal Bike, Cross Country Skier, Chest Press and Pull Down Challenger Combo, Big Shoulder Wheel and Seated Leg Press Situated amongst the saplings to offer a circuit style gym zone that would enable individual workouts as well as group or team fitness sessions.

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Product warranty

The installation came with a 25 yr warranty* for piece of mind



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