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A Rooftop Outdoor Gym at Hartford Point, Berkshire


Fresh Air Fitness rise to the challenge by installing an outdoor gym on the roof of a new build, providing residants a space for health and wellbeing.

rooftop outdoor gym

The Background

Hartford Point is a brand-new, single-block development of 75 high-end residential apartments in Bath Road, Slough. Key to this project was residents’ wellbeing and as such, the appointed contractor approached Fresh Air Fitness to install an outdoor gym on the roof! This made for an excellent use of available space, which is at a premium in such a well-developed area. The first of its kind, Fresh Air Fitness jumped at the challenge.

The Challenge

Working directly with the contractor, the space was planned to include a garden, seating and the new gym. The outdoor gym solution had to fit within the designated space, allowing safe movement between the equipment and the surrounding area.

Usually, an outdoor gym would be installed at ground level, using deep holes and secured with traditional foundation materials and fixing posts. As this gym was to be installed into a roof, the real challenge was to develop a new installation technique that would be equally as robust, safe and secure.

The Solution

The solution we provided was a four-piece outdoor gym facility which six people could use at the same time. The equipment selected offering a good mix of strength and cardio equipment.

Air Walker
Combi: Pull Down and Chest Press
Push Up and Dip
Arm and Pedal Bike

Our incredible in-house design engineers designed and built bespoke baseplates for the equipment, which mimicked the standard installation process. This not only caused minimal disruption to the paving that was already in laid, but the design ensured a strong, solid foundation that will stand the test of time.

The Result

Fresh Air Fitness was delighted to have been involved in this project, which made imaginative use of available space, and we’re delighted that residents are now making good, regular use of their outdoor gym. It’s a great example of how an outdoor area can be used creatively to benefit residents in an apartment building, giving them access to all the advantages of outdoor workouts without them having to leave home.

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