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Fresh Air Fitness Air Walker, Outdoor Gym Equipment
Fresh Air Fitness Air Walker, Outdoor Gym Equipment in use

Air Walker


Our hugely popular Air Walker is suitable for all abilities, beginners to advanced.

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How to use the Air Walker

Here’s a handy video of the Air Walker in action.

Our hugely popular Air Walker is suitable for all abilities, beginners to advanced. It's easy to use and a huge amount of fun. Users can set their own pace, choosing a wide walk, stretching legs and developing flexibility in the hip joints or a shorter faster pace to build cardio strength. Alternatively, users can lean on the bar and raise both legs simultaneously to strengthen core muscles.

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This equipment:

  • Exercises the legs, hips and core
  • Improves balance, co-ordination and flexibility
  • Gives an excellent cardiovascular workout
  • Very low impact on joints - An excellent alternative for jogging and power walking
  • Suitable for 11 year olds+


Our Air Walker is clearly labelled with safety-in-use guidance and with suggested workouts to help users get the greatest benefit.

We are serious about safety and quality. All Fresh Air Fitness equipment is produced under ISO9001 for quality standards and management, and conforms to UK safety standards EN1176 & EN16630.


Built to last, this product comes with a 25 year warranty on structural parts, a 5 year guarantee on paint and finishes and a 2 year guarantee on bearings and moving parts. Plastic parts and accessories are covered for 1 year.

For further advice on how to incorporate this equipment into your outdoor gym plan, please contact us. For other outdoor gym equipment products, please browse the rest of our vast product range!

Air Walker Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an air walker, and how does it differ from traditional cardio equipment?

A. An air walker is a stationary frame with suspended legs and footplates designed to swing forwards and backwards. Using it is straightforward: stand on the footplates and swing your legs in a rhythmic motion. It provides a workout similar to that of a treadmill without the impact on joints. It relies solely on the user's movement, without the need for electricity.

Q. Is the air walker suitable for public spaces managed by councils?

A. Absolutely! The air walker is specifically engineered for outdoor installation and has successfully undergone rigorous safety testing, exceeding the standard EN16630. This certification ensures its suitability and safety for public use.

Q. How can air walkers enhance the fitness amenities at hotels and spas

A. The air walker provides a unique cardiovascular workout unlike any indoor gym equipment or other sports activity. With its minimal impact on joints, it effectively elevates the heart rate while developing core strength and flexibility. It’s user-              friendly design makes exercising enjoyable and engaging, adding an element of fun to your fitness routine

Q. Is the air walker suitable for users of different fitness levels and ages?

A. Yes! The versatility of the air walker makes it suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, ranging from complete beginners to workout enthusiasts.  Users simply set their own pace.

Q. Can air walkers be placed outdoors, and are they weather-resistant?

A. Absolutely. The air walkers have been designed solely for outdoor use, ensuring durability and resilience against various environmental conditions. With specialised paint that effectively prevents rust, even in coastal areas, they are built to withstand the elements year-round. 

Q.  Can multiple air walkers be installed together for group workouts?

A. Certainly! Ensuring adequate space between each piece of equipment is crucial for safety and usability. A minimum of 1.5 meters (or approximately 5 feet) between each air walker is recommended to allow users to move comfortably and safely between them. If you provide us with the dimensions of your available space, we can assist you in determining the maximum number of air walkers that will fit.

Q. Are there any safety features incorporated into the design of the air walker?

A. All Fresh air Fitness equipment is designed with safety in mind and each product exceeds safety standards EN16630.  This guarantees the absence of finger entrapments, bumps or crush points.  The air walker also comes with internal limiters for longevity of use, non-slip footplates and metal graded handgrips to avoid slipping.

Q.  Is there a warranty for the air walker, and what does it cover?

A. Yes! This product comes with, 25 year warranty on structural parts, 5 year guarantee on paint and finishes and a 2 year guarantee on bearings and moving parts. Plastic parts and accessories are covered for 1 year.

Weight (kg)


Static Dimensions - L x W x H (mm)

1285 x 630 x 1183

Dynamic Dimensions - L x W x H (mm)

1285 x 1680 x 1183


Body Benefits

The Air Walker provides an excellent cardio workout, as well as building strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Primary Muscle Groups

  • Legs
  • Core

Secondary Muscle Groups

  • Arms

Allows a full range of movement in the hip joint improving flexibility and strength, without any impact or stress to joints and back.


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