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Peckham Rye Park Outdoor Gym by Fresh Air Fitness

Fresh Air Fitness commissioned to provide a multi-use outdoor gym installation at Peckham Rye Park.


Following the successful installation of a Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park, Southwark Council chose Fresh Air Fitness to install a similar multi-user outdoor gym facility at Peckham Rye Park.

Peckham Rye Park Outdoor Gym by Fresh Air Fitness

The Background

Peckham Rye Park and Peckham Rye Common collectively are situated over 113 acres of open recreational green space and woodland and the new Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym was the perfect location for the whole community to come together to exercise for free with all the many benefits of being outdoors in the fresh air and natural daylight.

The Challenge

Before getting started, the team needed to remove some end-of-life equipment and extend the area by 5m to make space for additional equipment pieces.

Once the groundworks were complete and the old equipment had been removed, Fresh Air Fitness was tasked with installing a range of equipment which could be used by the whole community, of all fitness abilities and it had to offer a full gambit of exercise for a whole body workout - from strength and flexibility to balance and cardio.

Surfacing had to be accessible, aesthetically pleasing and all-weather.

Equipment needed to include clear instructions for use, plus helpful workout suggestions.

The Solution

Southwalk Council chose the award winning Big Rig as its centrepiece with additional resistance and cardio equipment located around it.

Perfect for the community park, the Big Rig is suitable for complete beginners all the way up to advanced gym goers and calisthenics fans. The Rig is also perfect for adding battle ropes, resistance bands or training straps to mix up a workout even further. The installation at Peckham Rye Park was enhanced with the following standalone pieces of equipment:

Arm and Pedal Bike - a seated piece of equipment where the user rotates rotate arms and legs, setting the pace and rotational speed (faster for a better cardio workout). Improves flexibility and core strength.
Rider - an upright machine which uses the whole body to move the equipment. Push down with the legs and feel resistance in the arms. Improves muscular strength.
Air Skier - swing legs back and forth and side to side to exercise the thighs, hips, and core. Improve flexibility, core strength and cardio fitness.
Elliptical Cross Trainer - cross trainer which works the whole body in a forward or reverse motion to use different muscle groups. Improves circulation and balance and coordination.
Shoulder Press - pushing the bar in an upward motion to strengthen the shoulder and arm muscle. Builds strength and definition in the shoulders.
Squat Station - set the level of resistance to build muscular strength in the legs and quads while increasing cardio strength.
Recumbent Bike - a seated bike that supports the back whilst using a cycling motion works the legs, strengthening and toning thigh and calf muscles.

Fresh Air Fitness worked in conjunction with the local council to run a launch day for the community which included demonstrations on how to use the equipment from a personal trainer.

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The Benefits

  • 1 24 User outdoor gym for the whole community to use for free
  • 2 Local community has a new modern, safe and engaging fitness facility
  • 3 Opportunities to challenge everyone, from complete beginners to advanced
  • 4 An attractive, engaging and exciting gym fitness zone
  • 5 Site offers the benefits of exercise whilst being outdoors in the fresh air and natural daylight
  • 6 Full breadth of exercise options, including strength, calisthenics, cardio, balance and flexibility development.

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