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Out Door Gym Questions

Outdoor Gym Equipment: Frequently Asked Questions

Having installed more than 2000 gyms across the UK, into a variety of locations including parks, schools, colleges, hotels, prisons, mental health trusts to name a few, we are often asked a variety of questions. Find answers to those most frequently asked here.

Out Door Gyms - Questions

6th August 2019

Where is a park gym near me?

Fancy giving one of our outdoor gyms a go and would like to find the nearest park with fitness equipment near you? Why not look at our handy installations map. It shows all the outdoor fitness parks near you with our exercise equipment installed into it.  It’ll even tell you what equipment is onsite so that you can choose which would be the best workout park for you.

How do I use outdoor gym equipment?

Our outdoor gym equipment is incredibly easy to use. Every piece comes with instructions attached to it but not only that, we have created a full set of ‘How To’ videos, instructional videos that demonstrate how to use all the gym equipment in the range. You can see them all on YouTube, Watch them before you arrive, when you get there or while you’re using the equipment, whatever makes you more confident in using it.

We also have an app that gives you lots of handy information. Where your closest park gym is and what you’ll find at the gym. Links to all the ‘How To’ videos, suggestions on how long to use the equipment for, an interval timer and warm-up/ cool down suggestions. SImply visit your App store, search for Fresh Air Fitness and download for free.

How beneficial is the equipment?

A question we are often asked; how beneficial are the outdoor gyms? Can I lose weight using outdoor gym equipment? 

The answer is that it is as beneficial as you make it. Like most things in life, the more effort you put in, the better the results you’ll see. Losing weight will only be achieved with a healthy diet, and regular exercise will support weight loss.  Using our equipment really will assist you with this.  Using pieces from the cardio range, e.g. the Air Walker, will get your heart rate up and help you to lose weight. The longer you workout and the faster your pace, the more calories you will burn.  See our blog that focuses on the benefits of the air walker and how many calories the air walker can burn.

We offer a full range of outdoor cardio equipment, all designed to raise the heart rate, increase the metabolic rate and help you to burn calories and fat. The outdoor Elliptical Cross Trainer and outdoor exercise Bike are two of our most popular products for doing just this.

Is the outdoor gym free to use?

Yes! Search on our map for outdoor gyms in parks close to you. If the gym has been installed in a park that is freely accessible to the public, then they will be accessible and free for you to use.

Do you offer outdoor gym equipment for disabled people?

Yes, we do. We have a range of disabled gym equipment designed for wheelchair users.

The Disabled Arm and Pedal Bike is a cardio piece that will elevate the heart rate while toning arms and legs.  This allows the user to wheel the chair up to the equipment and use it whilst remaining in the chair.

The Disabled Combo is a strength building piece that provides both a chest press, to build strength in the chest and arms and a Pull Down Challenger, building strength in the upper back supporting good posture. Again, a wheelchair can be wheeled to the equipment and the user remains in the chair while using the equipment.

We also offer the Parallel Bars, ideal for pull ups.

Do you have exercise equipment for older people?

Yes, we do! We have already installed our gyms into several care homes and assisted living developments.

It is so important to stay mobile throughout life, but especially in your later years. Staying flexible, mobile and retaining balance is critical to prevent falls and to be able to enjoy quality of life. The emotional benefits of regular exercise, especially when doing this in small groups with friends, can help to combat loneliness and give a reason to get up and into the fresh air too.   

We offer equipment for all kinds of benefits. Strength building, to retain bone density and muscular strength. Cardio equipment to support good heart health and equipment for improving or maintaining mobility, flexibility and balance. We even have a table tennis table, great for hand eye co-ordination and keeping the mind agile.

Find our more about the work we’ve done

Do you have outdoor gym equipment for schools?

Yes. We offer a full range of purpose built outdoor gym equipment for Primary Schools, Key stage 1 & 2. This has been developed to encourage children to be ore active throughout the school day, especially during break times and to provide variety during PE lessons. It can be installed into playgrounds or grass and because the equipment is low to the ground, there is no requirement for surfacing, although this is something we can also offer.

We know kids love our outdoor gym equipment. Feedback from schools over the years has told us this and seeing their faces when using the equipment speaks volumes!  However, last year we undertook a survey, asking hundreds of children what they actually thought of it. The results were astounding and not only confirmed how much they love using the equipment but also that they felt they are able to do better in class after using it. See the full report here.

We also have products suitable to secondary schools, colleges and universities and special educational needs.

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