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The benefits of the Double Air Walker

The Double Air Walker is one of our most popular pieces of equipment, but just how beneficial is it for the health and well-being of communities?

The Double Air Walker in use. Find out more about air walker fitness here

31st August 2017

Just like all of our equipment, the Double Air Walker is hugely inclusive, it's low impact for joints and the users' ability to vary between low and high intensity of exercise means that it’s perfect for all ages and abilities, including senior fitness. 

Evidently, the sociable aspect of the double air walker is a real benefit, however what about the more serious fitness community? Does the Double Air Walker provide real fitness benefits?

In order to answer this question I borrowed a fitness watch from a friend and jumped on an Air Walker to test how many calories I burnt in 5 minutes. After the allotted time, the watch reported that I had burnt 28 calories.

To place this figure into context; a popular running magazine states that in 20 minutes of jogging, covering 1½ miles, you could expect to burn 150 calories (the amount of calories you burn is dependent on a variety of factors such as gender, age, body weight and intensity of exercise, so comparison of these statistics must be taken lightly).

Using the Air Walker for the same amount of time, you would burn approximately 112 calories and in a way that’s less impact to joint.

So in conclusion, the Double Air Walker is incredibly beneficial to the serious fitness community. Low impact on joints, hugely sociable and burns calories. As someone relatively new to the outdoor gym industry writing this blog has really opened my eyes to the varied benefits of air walker fitness, and I hope by reading it I’ve opened yours as well.

by James Smeeton, Business Development Executive

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