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training legs using the double air walker

Outdoor Gym Workout for the Legs and Lungs!

Here are three common pieces of outdoor gym equipment you might find in your park along with a full workout plan to try out

ladies using the outdoor gym leg press

19th March 2020

Fresh air and fitness have always been a winning combination. The air we breathe cleanses the lungs, boosts the immune system, sharpens the mind and makes you happy. Exercising outdoors has become increasingly popular because it is free, lowers the blood pressure, improves energy levels and reduces stress. This is exactly why more and more local parks are installing outdoor gyms to help everyone in the community get active.

Each park will have a selection of gym equipment and the variety is ultimately selected by the local council or group that paid for it, so no two gyms look the same. Here are three common pieces of equipment you might find and a full workout concept to try out based on ‘Legs and Lungs’.

1. Outdoor Seated Leg Press

This is a killer warm up on legs day! Breathe in loads of fresh air as you are working out and strengthen your legs and your lungs at the same time. This exercise is great for the quads, the hip abductors and the glutes.

Time: 1-2 minutes

Equipment: Seated Leg Press

Good for: Legs


Take the handles provided in front and grip onto them, bring your feet up onto the platforms, position your back nicely into the backrest and from there, using your bodyweight as resistance, push away taking the legs out and then controlling it on the way back in, working both ways, in and out.

Another option is to isolate the calf muscles and work them on their own, to do that bring your feet down on the platform, dip the heels away then roll up onto the balls of the feet, heels down and then roll onto the balls of your feet

Recommendations: Beginners- 10 presses, Intermediate- 15 presses, Advanced- 20 presses

2. Outdoor Double Air Walker

This is a great piece of cardiovascular equipment to work your heart and lungs enhanced by you being out in the fresh air! The double air walker works the legs, the glutes and the hip flexors.

Time: 2-10 minutes

Equipment: Double Air Walker

Good for: Legs


Taking the handle at the front, place one foot on, followed by the other, and get the motion going. Pushing your legs forward and back, hit your comfortable pace and maintain that throughout. Think about your core, engage your stomach muscles, make sure you have a nice straight back and just hold a lovely solid position.

Recommendations: Beginners- 2 mins, Intermediate- 5 mins, Advanced- 10 mins

3. Outdoor Arm and Pedal Bike

You will be using your glutes, quads and hamstrings with this piece of equipment. The quads when you push down on the pedals, the hamstrings when you bring the pedals back up and the glutes for the power. Add in your arms to improve balance and co-ordination and take in great big gulps of fresh air as oxygen is a fuel for your muscles.

Time: 2-6 minutes

Equipment: Arm and Pedal Bike

Good for: Legs (and arms too!)


Placing your feet on the pedals below and your hands up onto the handles, start by moving the arms forwards and the legs at the same time. You can stop the hands and go legs only, if you prefer, or you can go for a full body workout and use both. For comfort, position your back nicely into the backrest, look forwards, keep a nice straight back and just keep that momentum flowing.

Recommendations: Beginners- 2 mins, Intermediate- 4 mins, Advanced- 6 mins

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