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Man using outdoor seated leg press

Want to shape up those legs this summer?

Find out how you can use the Seated Leg Press in one of our outdoor gyms to shape and tone your legs, from top to bottom.

Men using outdoor seated leg press

22nd August 2017

The outdoor seated leg press is one of our most popular pieces of equipment both in the adult range and our children’s range - it is not difficult to understand why. In many ways it embodies what the outdoor gym revolution is all about. It is easy to use and accessible to users of all abilities; it encourages social interaction; it has a fun element and users often don’t realize that they are exercising (which of course is the best type of exercise). Once exercise starts to feel like a chore the habit doesn’t last very long.

Now for some of the technical info. The SLP is designed to work the quads (quadriceps femoris) a group of four large muscles on the front of the thigh, and the glutes (a group of 3 gluteal muscles which make up the buttocks).  As well as exercising these muscles in a controlled and safe way it is also articulating the ankle, knee and hip joints, especially important for older users to help maintain mobility and to prevent falls. With the secondary exercise, the calf muscles are isolated and exercised.

It is a similar exercise to doing standing squats but without the danger of overextending and pressurising the knee joint.

Sit on the seat, put your feet firmly on the footplates, take hold of the 2 handlebars and push your back against the backrest so that your back is straight and not hunched over. Slowly straighten your legs, hold at the top without locking out the knees and then slowly return to the start position. Moving slowly in both directions is the secret to getting maximum benefit from this exercise. If you find this too easy, try tying a resistance band between the main post and the post connect to the handles. This will add more resistance to your workout.  

For a secondary exercise, when your legs are straight, at full extension, move your feet so that only the balls of your feet are on the footplates, then push out further by lifting your heels, hold and return, extending your calf muscles as far as possible, hold and then lift the heels again.

For all exercises: Beginners 10 presses; Intermediate 15 presses; Advanced 20 presses.


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