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Great outdoor gym offers for Councils

An outdoor gym in your local park or green space gets communities moving. Not only is it an alternative to an expensive gym membership but it brings with it the enormous physical and mental wellbeing that you get from being active outdoors.

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12th October 2022

Since 2007, we have installed thousands of outdoor gyms nationwide and we have witnessed the long-lasting benefits to communities including improvement in social cohesion, community health and a reduction in anti-social behaviour, loneliness and isolation.  

Our outdoor gym equipment is fully inclusive and covers the four key areas of fitness which are cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. We also have wheelchair friendly pieces, so everyone can have unrestricted access to exercise. 

Our equipment is designed to be used by all abilities and is easy to use, robust and long lasting. 

These are our latest Council Special Offers:-

The Councils Park Starter Pack 

Good things come in small packages with the popular ‘Councils Park Starter Pack’. This special offer includes three of our most popular pieces of outdoor gym equipment: the Air SkierDouble Air Walker and Rider

Costs: £4,000 for site inspection, manufacture, supply, delivery & installation into grass.


The Councils Park Package – Buy 5, get the 6th Free!

Create an exciting, multi-use fitness space with the ‘Councils Park Package’.

With 6 Pieces of equipment and 11 user stations, the Councils Park Package includes an Air SkierBicycleDouble Sit Up BoardsRiderSeated Leg Press and a free Triple Pull Up allowing visitors a comprehensive, full body workout. 

Costs: £6,500 for site inspection, manufacture, supply, delivery & installation into grass.


The Councils Bumper Package 

Great for groups, bootcamps, team training and individual users, the ‘Councils Bumper Package’ includes 7 pieces of outdoor gym equipment for 12 Users at once. 

Outdoor gym equipment pieces include: Arm & Pedal BikeCombination Pull Down and Chest PressAir SkierThe RiderDouble Air WalkerSeated Leg Press and Leg Lift Station

Costs: £9,900 for site inspection, manufacture, supply, delivery & installation into grass.


The Big Rig

The award winning, multi-user, Big Rig can accommodate 16+ people at a time with over 80 different exercise options. 

The Big Rig allows anyone to challenge themselves, from complete beginners to advanced gym goers and creates a central fitness hub for sports teams, clubs and local families, to have fun and work out together.

Costs: £12,500 for site inspection, manufacture, supply, delivery & installation into grass.


Supply and Installation of Outdoor Gym Fitness Equipment

We offer an end to end professional and friendly service which includes:


  • Site inspection: Recommendations on layout, surfacing and waterlogging solutions to support your vision and plan.
  • Design and production: Manufacture and supply of outdoor gym equipment that is fully EN 16630 compliant.
  • Delivery and Installation: Agree a delivery and installation date to suit you.
  • Surfacing and Signage: Various surfacing solutions and bespoke signs also available.
  • Maintenance and warranty: A 25-year warranty on all main structural parts and a comprehensive maintenance pack.
  • Complementary how-to guides: With every installation you have access to a raft of free how-to video and a free app, with recommended use and workout suggestions.


Need funding?

Our funding experts have already secured funding for outdoor gyms across the UK. 

We offer funding support to councils, community groups, schools and charities. Our dedicated funding experts have a wealth of experience in securing funds.


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Parks Bumper Package Offer: 7-piece outdoor gym, delivered & installed with grass mats ONLY £9,900


Park Package Offer: Receive a FREE Triple Pull Up


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