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Fresh Air Fitness welcomes NEW Resistance Range

6 Products, all with variable resistance. Personalise your workout by setting your own intensity level for a tougher workout.

Man using Fresh Air Fitness Resistance Stepper

1st November 2018

We are delighted to announce the exciting arrival of our new range of resistance products.  These 6 products have been designed to provide you with a full range of strength levels for a much tougher workout. 

The variable resistance allows novices to build strength from a very low level upwards or for regular gym goers to perform a much harder workout, maintaining or developing their fitness levels in the great outdoors!

Our resistance range includes:

- Stepper

- Shoulder Press

- Leg Press

- Squat Station

- Bicep Curl

- Bench Press

Together, these products provide a full body workout, toning and strengthening muscles in the arms, legs, core, chest, back and shoulders while building cardiovascular strength. Perfect to add to your existing gym or as part of a new outdoor gym project.

See the full range here

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See the Resistance Stepper in action:

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