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Outdoor Gym Equipment: Fresh Air Fitness Resistance Stepper for Outdoor Gym
Outdoor Gym Equipment: Lady using Fresh Air Fitness Resistance Stepper in Outdoor Gym
Outdoor Gym Equipment: Man using Fresh Air Fitness Resistance Stepper in Outdoor Gym
Fresh Air Fitness Resistance Stepper for Outdoor Gym

Resistance Stepper


Part of our NEW resistance range, the Resistance Stepper has been specially designed for adults to build cardio fitness while increasing strength and tone in the legs. Simply select your workout level 1-11 for a tough lower body workout.

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How to use the Resistance Stepper

Here’s a handy video of the Resistance Stepper in action.

Just like steppers found in an indoor gym, our outdoor Resistance Stepper allows the user to set the required difficulty level 1-11. Suitable for all abiliites, users new to fitness simply select the lowest intensity while those who workout regularly can set themselves a much harder challenge using a higher level.


This equipment:

  • Has a variable resistance level 1-11
  • Exercises the thighs, hips and core
  • Improves balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Gives an excellent cardiovascular workout
  • Low impact on joints
  • Suitable from 11 years +


Our Resistance Stepper is clearly labelled with safety-in-use guidance and with suggested workouts to help users get the greatest benefit.

We are serious about safety and quality. All Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym equipment is produced under ISO9001 for quality standards and management, and conforms to UK safety standards EN1176 & EN16630.


Resistance Stepper Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of using a resistance stepper?

The stepper offers many benefits, it will improve heart health, tone and strengthen the lower body and burn calories aiding weight loss.


Q. Is there a weight limit for the resistance stepper?

The maximum weight for using the stepper is 120Kg/ 264lbs


Q. Can the resistance level be adjusted?

Yes.  The resistance level can be adjusted from level 1 up to level 11, simply turn the dial to set the desired level.


Q. What is the warranty period for the resistance stepper?

The Stepper comes with a 25 year warranty on structural parts, a 5 year guarantee on paint and finishes and a 2 year guarantee on bearings and moving parts. Plastic parts and accessories are covered for 1 year.


Q. Is the resistance stepper weather-resistant?

Absolutely. The resistance stepper has been designed solely for outdoor use, ensuring durability and resilience against various environmental conditions. With specialised paint that effectively prevents rust, even in coastal areas, they are built to withstand the elements year-round. 


Q. How is the outdoor resistance stepper secured to prevent theft or vandalism? 

The resistance stepper is very robust as evidenced by its use within HM Prisons. We use vandalism resistant materials, such as strong structural steel for durability.  Every product is secured using a fixing post, installed below ground level into a concrete foundation. Tamper-resistant bolts (security bolts) and tamper proof caps are also used to prevent unauthorized disassembly or removal of parts.


Q. What maintenance is required for the outdoor resistance stepper?

Our resistant stepper requires very little maintenance, however, regular maintenance checks are essential to keep the equipment safe for use and in good working order. When your installation is complete, we will provide you with a maintenance pack and guide. Regular simple checks will help maintain it. Keep the floor surrounding the stepper clear of litter/ leaves. Each month lubricate the dial and check for any damage, if there is any report it to Fresh Air Fitness. Clean down surfaces with soapy water or wipes. 


Q. Is there a safety mechanism in place for public use?

All Fresh air Fitness equipment is designed with safety in mind and each product exceeds safety standards EN16630.  This guarantees the absence of finger entrapments, bumps or crush points.  The stepper comes with full instructions and recommended workout times, non-slip footplates and metal graded handgrips to avoid slipping.  Powered solely by the user, once the user stops moving, the stepper stops immediately.

Weight (kg)


Static Dimensions - L x W x H (mm)


Dynamic Dimensions - L x W x H (mm)



Body Benefits

The Resistance Stepper provides an excellent cardio workout, as well as building strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Primary Muscle Groups

  • Legs
  • Glutes
  • Core

Secondary Muscle Groups

  • Arms

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