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man performing pull ups on outdoor gym equipment

Fitness over Christmas: Your outdoor gym holds the answer

5 ways you can use your outdoor gym this Christmas

man using outdoor gym equipment

14th December 2020

Christmas is often a time when just as you are getting into a good stride with your fitness, suddenly all of your regular classes stop for the holidays. 

If you are looking for an alternative which is easy to get to, even easier to use and completely free of charge, you might consider trying out your local outdoor gym equipment

Here are five ways you can use your outdoor gym to keep every visit varied and exciting.

Take your PT to the park

Ask your PT to build you a training session based on cardio, strength and flexibility, combing standalone exercises with working out against your own body weight on the outdoor gym. Many pieces allow you to adjust resistance, so you are going to be able to get a nice challenge, if you need one!

Warm up and warm down

Like to run? We all know it is far better to warm up and warm down after a run. Your local outdoor gym will include a combination of many different types of equipment. Head to the cardio pieces such as the outdoor bike or cross trainer to get your muscles warm and your heart rate going. 


Your outdoor gym is the perfect place to try out some calisthenics. Calisthenics means working out with your own body weight. Start with some basic pull ups (hands further apart with palms facing away from your body), chin ups (hands closer together and palms facing towards your body) and dips and after a few reps you will start to feel the effects. Some of the most highly regarded body transformation experts swear by Calisthenics and the amazing effect it can have on your body. 

Using resistance bands

Attach your resistance band to the outdoor gym, warm up and then you are ready to go. Try resistance band bicep curls, high knees (with the band around your waist creating resistance as you turn away and run on the spot), resistance band squats or even resistance band raises. You can also try attaching the band around the main frame and handles of the Leg Press or Chest Press to add even more resistance to your workout. All excellent exercises with the band making it a bit more of a challenge, so you get a great all-round workout. 

Exercise while the kids play

Half of the battle when the schools close for the holidays is where do you find the time to work out. The outdoor gym can nearly always be found in a park and most of the time it will be immediately alongside the children’s playground. Where your children are old enough to be watched without having to help them on and off equipment, you can work out and supervise your kids, all at the same time. Happy kids - and happy, healthy you!

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