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5 Ways to have a Happy ‘Active’ Christmas in 2019

It can be difficult to keep up with a regular fitness regime over the festive period, as we are all so busy. But, do not despair, being active comes in all forms, from Christmas shopping to snowball fights and sledging, and it all has a positive impact on our overall health and wellbeing!

3 girls walking at Christmas

12th December 2019

However we do it, keeping our bodies moving is proven to improve mood, preventing stress from setting in and improving cognitive performance. Even the lymphatic system, which is an integral part of our immune system, relies on our motion to circulate lymph fluid around the body. So, we say, let’s keep on moving and have a fantastic, active Christmas!!

1) Take part in a Charity Santa Dash

The charity fun run at Christmas is a fantastic way to contribute to an organisation which fundraises to help others across the festive period. There is also something fabulously fun, silly and utterly festive about being in a large pack of ‘Santas’ running through the streets. These events are rarely timed, so its more about participation than speed. Some even let owners jog with their dogs and parents run with their baby buggies, so anyone can get active and have fun.

2) Have an active Christmas Treasure Hunt

Get everyone involved with a Christmas Treasure Hunt. Once the kids have broken up for the holidays, get them involved in some Christmas crafting. They can design Christmas pictures to hide and Christmas signs to mark the route or provide some clues. Then wrap up warm and head out to the park or the woods and nominate one person to hide all of the pictures you have created. Then the race is on to find all of the photos and dash to the finish line. Work in teams, so the grown ups have to put in a bit of effort too! 

3) Last Minute Christmas Shopping keeps those steps up

Christmas is becoming Increasingly ‘Mobile’ as shoppers switch to ordering goods online or reserving goods in store using mobile devices. Why not buck the trend this year and make a pledge with yourself to hit the high street for some last-minute presents instead? As well as supporting small local businesses and soaking up the festive atmosphere from the Christmas lights and decorations to shopping centre carol singers, you will be amazed at how many steps you take on a day out shopping!

4) Family Christmas Trails

Many of the National Trust properties run Christmas Trails throughout the month of December. Following one of these trails gives you a really great walk with beautiful surroundings and lots of lovely fresh air. If you have children, there is nearly always a map you can pick up for a small contribution to the charity and a route to follow, with activities to complete on the way around - sometimes there is even a little prize at the end to take home with you.

5) Let it snow, let it snow!

If we are lucky with snow this year, there is a whole range of snow activities which give you the chance to get outdoors and have some fun. From snowman building, snow igloos, snow angels to snowball fights, or even sledging it’s all a fun way to keep active this Christmas. Every time you get your heart rate up, it is great for your cardiovascular health and even strengthens your heart by processing oxygen and blood to the working muscles. So, whether you are making snow footprints, shovelling snow from the driveway or pulling your buddy along on a sledge, it’s all guaranteed to create a positive impact on your health and well-being!

Happy Active Christmas!

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