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Man using resistance bands on outdoor gym equipment

Using Resistance Bands on Outdoor Gym Equipment

Resistance bands are a fantastic way of adding variety to your work out, providing a tougher workout that strengthens and builds muscle across the body.

Using Resistance Bands on Outdoor Gym Equipment

23rd June 2022

What are Resistance bands?

Resistance bands are stretchy ‘bands’, typically made from latex or synthetic rubber that are either flat or tubular in shape. Originally, their sole use was as a rehabilitation method for patients wanting to get back to full strength post-injury.

Flat resistance bands have no handles or grips and they come in varying levels of resistance. Commonplace at the indoor gym and for use on outdoor gym equipment, resistance bands are popular to use to add variation and resistance to a workout out. 

Bands are colour coded so you can tell which will give more or less resistance and you can also judge the level of resistance based on the width and weight of the band. 


How can resistance bands benefit your workout?

Resistance bands have a myriad of benefits. These include:

  • Developing muscular strength
  • Achieving the same muscle activity but with less chance of injury
  • Providing greater muscle stimulus
  • Stabilisation and core activation
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Creating more exercise opportunities
  • Ideal for rehabilitation
  • Stretching & mobility


How can resistance bands be incorporated into your outdoor gym workout?

Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gyms are completely free to use and can be found in many green spaces or parks. We work with the local council or green spaces officer to provide a range of equipment to suit the needs of the space and the community.

Outdoor gym equipment can range from a small set of calisthenics’ pieces such as monkey bars and pull up bars all the way up to a complete outdoor gym which offers a full body workout and covering cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. 

Using a set of resistance bands on the outdoor gym, whatever equipment you have access to, can help enhance your workout and increase the number of different types of exercise you can do making your session more varied and motivational. Here are a few ways to use your resistance bands on the Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym equipment near you!


1. Chest Press

Resistance bands also work well on the chest press found on our Combination Pull Down & Chest Press

Stretch your band around the equipment, in the same way as with the Seated Leg Press and complete your session at you own pace. When using your resistance band in this way, your muscle is under constant tension, so the quality and effectiveness of each rep will be improved.

The bands will increase the intensity of the workout, as you use the muscle groups in your chest, shoulders, arms, and back. 


2. Calisthenic Equipment 

To use resistance bands with any of our calisthenic equipment, including the Triple Pull Up, Big Rig, Chin Up Bars or Monkey Bars, first loop your band around the top bar and pull it back through itself so that it is attached securely. 

Once secure, place either one or both of your legs in the bottom of the loop and use it to complete assisted pull-ups. 

By using the resistance band you can build up your upper body strength s gradually, moving to bands with less resistance over time. Why not set yourself a goal towards eventually completing your pull ups band-free?

By attaching resistance bands to the equipment it can also help perform stretching exercises, including back and hamstring stretches.


3. Seated Leg Press

One of our Fresh Air Fitness pieces of equipment is called the Seated Leg Press

This piece of equipment provides an excellent work-out for thighs and hips without any of the risks to the knee joints associated with traditional squats.

You can effectively use your resistance bands with the Seated Leg Press. All you need to do is simply stretch the band around the main frame and then loop the ends round each handle. 

The band will add extra resistance, while you use the press as you normally would. This will help to build further strength in the legs and glutes. 


4. Leg lift station 

Resistance bands also recruit stabilising muscles, making for a more well-rounded workout each time you visit your outdoor gym.

Our Leg Lift Station, (4,5) for example, allows you to incorporate resistance bands in a variety of different ways. 

You can loop your band around both handles at the top and perform assisted pull-ups. Alternatively, you can loop it around the upright handles at the front to complete arm exercises such as rows, lateral raises, or bicep curls.  

You can even loop your band around the base of the Leg Lift Station to complete leg exercises including hamstring curls, adductor and abductor strengthening.. 


How to find your nearest outdoor gym 

The best part about a Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym is that it’s open 24/7 to the general public and always completely free to use.

You can find your local Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym here: or by downloading our excellent new app – which also gives you workout suggestions. 


Installing an outdoor gym in your local green space

Outdoor fitness equipment is perfect for parks and green spaces, but it is also excellent as part of an urban or residential regeneration project. It provides so much more than just a ‘free to use’ fitness solution. It has long-lasting benefits to communities including improvements in social cohesion, community health and a reduction in anti-social behaviour, loneliness and isolation.

If you would like to find out more, one of our team of outdoor gym specialists would love to hear from you on 01483 608 860 (South) or 0151 3293550 (North). Alternatively, please complete our contact us form and someone will come straight back to you to arrange a convenient time to discuss your particular requirements. 


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