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Sharpen Your Mind With Exercise!

Did you know by undertaking approximately 6 minutes of moderate to intense exercise per day you can sharpen your mind?

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8th February 2023

University College London recently published the findings of their research which examined nearly 4,500 participants. They found that participants’ undertaking 6 minutes of moderate to intense exercise per day instead of light or sedentary activity improved their ability to focus, multi-task and remember instructions. 

And there is no better place to get this type of exercise than at your local Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym!  

Fresh Air Fitness gyms offer a wide selection of cardio equipment, perfect for moderate to vigorous exercise whatever your fitness level or age. Using our outdoor gym equipment regularly will offer multiple physical and mental health benefits as well as boosting cognitive function!

Here are our top 4 products for boosting that brain power! 


The Double Cross Country Skier

A strenuous cardiovascular workout that is tough on the body but gentle on the joints. Perfect for improving stamina and energy levels.

The Fresh Air Fitness Double Cross Country Skier is a fantastic piece of outdoor gym equipment that will provide you with the perfect full-body, cardiovascular workout. It will improve your stamina, balance, coordination, and flexibility too. Exercising on this piece of equipment is like going skiing and will tone your body and burn calories quickly. 

Find out more and follow our suggested workout plan in our blog: The Cardio Series: Part 6 - Double Cross Country Skier


Elliptical Cross Trainer

Just like running, but without the impact on joints, the Elliptical Cross Trainer provides a fantastic cardio workout.

The Fresh Air Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer will get your whole body moving, not only providing you with the perfect cardiovascular workout, it’ll improve your balance and coordination too. Giving similar results to running, it’ll burn calories and tone the body fast, but is very low-impact on your knee and ankle joints.

Find out more and follow our suggested workout plan in our blog: The Cardio Series: Part 4 - Elliptical Cross Trainer


Arm and Pedal Bike

Looking for a great cardio workout? The Arm & Pedal Bike packs a punch!

By simultaneously using the arm bike while cycling the legs, the heart rate is elevated and muscles across the whole body are engaged and working.

Find out more and follow our suggested workout plan in our blog: The Cardio Series: Part 1 - Arm and Pedal Bike



The Fresh Air Fitness Bicycle is a popular piece of outdoor gym equipment from the cardio range. Designed to get your heart rate going and burn calories, providing you with an excellent cardiovascular workout.

Find out more along with a workout plan in our blog: Cardio Series Part 8: The Bicycle


Finding an outdoor gym near me

If you would like to find out more about an outdoor gym in your local park or green space, check out our outdoor gym locator for a Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym near you. 

We also have a raft of videos on our YouTube channel showing you how to use the equipment and giving some workout suggestions. 


For further information on the study follow the link below:

Moderate and vigorous physical activity is most critical factor for boosting mid-life brain power | UCL News - UCL – University College London

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