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Cardio Series Part 8: The Bicycle

Providing you with an excellent cardiovascular workout, burning calories and more. Read about the many benefits our static bike has to offer here:

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28th July 2022

Since 2007, we have carried out over 4,000 installations of outdoor gym equipment and we are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive product ranges in the UK. From our fantastic 21-piece cardio range, today, we explore the many benefits of The Bicycle

We will discover how to exercise using the Bicycle, demonstrate a workout plan, highlight the technical and user specifications and point you in the right direction of your nearest Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym.  


Body Benefits

The Fresh Air Fitness Bicycle is a popular piece of outdoor gym equipment from the Cardio range. Designed to get your heart rate going, burn calories and provide you with an excellent cardiovascular workout. 

There are many health benefits of regular cycling which include: increased cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, improved joint mobility, a reduction in stress levels, improved posture and coordination, strengthened bones, a reduction in body fat levels and the prevention of or management of disease.

In fact, spending just 20 minutes on the Bicycle will burn around 250 calories. And, the faster you cycle, the more calories you’ll burn!



And you won’t just burn calories, as the Bicycle targets all the major muscle groups making it perfect for toning your body as well. The muscles in your thighs, calves, and glutes will benefit enormously from this exercise, as you cycle your legs forwards to power the machine. 

Gripping the handles will also help to lightly tone your arms, and your core will strengthen and tone as you engage your obliques and abdominals to maintain balance on the Bicycle.


Mood and Mind

The Mental Health Foundation says “Even a short burst of 10 minutes' brisk walking increases our mental alertness, energy and positive mood.”

In fact, exercise is a lifestyle modification which can be completely free and extremely beneficial to good mental health. It can also be critical to serious mental health where sedentary lifestyles can lead to long term health conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

There are many studies which have shown that gently integrating movement and physical activity into our daily lives can promote positive mental health, by reducing stress and anxiety, reconnecting the world around you, boosting self-esteem and lifting your mood.


Do you burn calories at an outdoor gym?

A shift from indoor to outdoor exercise is becoming increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts. 

Working in an outdoor gym burns just as many calories and provides you with even more amazing health benefits. Creating an incrementally challenging cardiovascular workout, using your own body weight can help you to achieve incredible results.

Just 20 minutes on the outdoor exercise Bicycle burns around 250 calories and you get to enjoy the benefits of being able to exercise in the fresh air for free!

Like any exercise plan, the more regularly you exercise and the more goals you set for yourself, the more calories you will burn and you will begin to tone and strengthen your muscles too!


Workout plan 

  • Climb onto the Bicycle and start to cycle your legs forward at a slow pace for 5 minutes to warm up.
  • Switch to a medium pace for 5 minutes.
  • Alternate between a fast pace (1 minute) and a medium pace (1 minute) for the next 5 minutes.
  • Lastly, cool down by cycling at a slow pace again for the final 5 minutes.

Approximate calories burned: 250 in 20 minutes 

Note: Don’t exert yourself beyond your limits. Talk to your doctor if you have issues with your balance, blood pressure, or heart health to make sure this type of exercise is safe for you.


Technical specification and users

The Bicycle can be used by people of all abilities, from those at the beginning of their fitness journey to the most experienced gym users. It is 48kg in weight, has a length of 1017mm, a width of 499mm, and stands at 1228mm tall. This sizing allows for the equipment to be used by anyone over the age of 11.


Arranging an outdoor gym installation 

Since 2007, we have installed over 4,000 outdoor gyms, nationwide, in green spaces, parks, schools, hospitals and more. We have a South and North Office with a team of specialists who are ready to answer any questions you may have or book in a site visit for you. 

When someone visits your site they will listen to your requirements and offer their best advice on where to locate your outdoor gym as well as talk you through our full range of equipment. 

We are experienced working with other providers as part of a larger team project and we can also provide groundworks and a number of different surfacing options if required. 

If you would like to find out more about how to install an outdoor gym in your local park, school, or green space, you can complete our brief enquiry form: or call us on tel. 01483 608 860. If you would like to find the nearest outdoor gym to you, use our free outdoor gym locator tool

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