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Double Cross Country Skier

The Double Cross Country Skier

A strenuous cardiovascular workout that is tough on the body but gentle on the joints. Perfect for improving stamina and energy levels.

couple using double cross country skier

6th June 2022

From exercise bikes to skiing machines, at Fresh Air Fitness we take the indoor gym outdoors, enhancing every workout with the powerful benefits of natural daylight and fresh air, whilst doing our bit to get Britain Fitter! 

We provide award-winning outdoor gym equipment to schools, green spaces, NHS trusts and more and we are proud to offer one of the largest product ranges in the UK. 

Today we will continue to explore our fabulous 21-piece cardio range, focusing on the brilliant Double Cross Country Skier. Below we explore the large number of benefits that exercising on the Double Cross Country Skier has to offer, providing you with an easy-to-follow workout plan that incorporates this versatile piece of outdoor gym equipment, whilst highlighting the technical and user specifications as well.


Body Benefits

The Fresh Air Fitness Double Cross Country Skier is a fantastic piece of outdoor gym equipment that will provide you with the perfect full-body, cardiovascular workout. It will improve your stamina, balance, coordination, and flexibility too. Exercising on this piece of equipment is like going skiing and will tone your body and burn calories quickly. 

The Double Cross Country Skier is great fun, as it allows you to exercise with a workout buddy, facing each other as you synchronise your skiing and motivate each other throughout. This piece of equipment works all your major muscle groups, while allowing you to set your own pace, making it suitable for all abilities. 

Using this piece of outdoor gym equipment shouldn’t be underestimated- the average calories burnt skiing is between 300 to 600 calories per hour, depending on intensity! The faster you move the more calories you’ll burn!



And you won’t just burn calories, as the Double Cross Country Skier targets all the major muscle groups, making it perfect for toning your whole body. 

The muscles in your legs and glutes will benefit as you move your legs backwards and forwards to power the machine. Exercising the muscles in your legs is important as it improves functional movements and muscle conditioning and can even prevent osteoporosis.

Your arm muscles will also benefit as you use them to drive forwards and backwards to support your legs, and your core will strengthen and tone as your abdominal and obliques engage to provide balance and support during the exercise. 


Coordination & Balance

Using the Double Cross Country Skier helps to improve your coordination and balance as well, as you must coordinate your arms and legs to power the machine and keep your core engaged to stay balanced. 

Not only essential in improving your fitness ability, maintaining good balance and coordination will also improve your cognitive functions. 

In fact, regular balance training is even capable of enhancing cognitive functions, such as memory and spatial cognition.


Mood & Mind

Your body’s natural level of endorphins is boosted when you exercise regularly. 

This not only helps to improve your mood, but can also reduce anxiety and stress, sharpen your memory, improve your self-esteem, and even provide you with a better night’s sleep. 

Exercising in the fresh air, at one of our outdoor gyms, also provides the added benefit of much needed vitamin D as the sun shines down on you while you work out. 


Do you burn calories at an outdoor gym?

More and more fitness enthusiasts support the concept that you don’t need to workout inside in an indoor gym to burn calories. Using your own body weight, adding in some cardio and creating and incrementally challenging workout can have amazing effects. 

Just 20 minutes on the Double Cross Country Skier burns between 100-200 calories and you have the pleasure of being out in the fresh air and having access to equipment which is completely free to use. 

Like any exercise plan, the more regularly you exercise and the more goals you set for yourself, you will burn calories and you will start to tone and strengthen your muscles and see the positive benefits on your mental health too!


Workout Plan 

  • Step onto the Double Cross Country Skier and start to move your legs and arms forwards and backwards at a slow pace for 5 minutes to warm up.
  • Switch to a medium pace for 5 minutes.
  • Alternate between a fast pace (1 minute) and a medium pace (1 minute) for the next 5 minutes.
  • Finally, cool down by reducing to a slow pace once again for 5 minutes. 

Approximate calories burned: 100-200 calories in 20 minutes 

Note: Don’t exert yourself beyond your limits. Talk to your doctor if you have issues with your balance, blood pressure, or heart health to make sure this type of exercise is safe for you.


Technical Specification and Users

The Double Cross Country Skier is suitable for all abilities, from those just starting out their fitness journey to advanced gym goers. It is 92kg in weight, has a length of 1965mm, a width of 620mm, and stands at 1562mm tall. This sizing allows for the equipment to be used by anyone over the age of 11.

For children 11 years or younger, we also have a child-sized Double Cross Country Skier as part of our children’s range. The Children’s Double Cross Country Skier is suitable for kids in KS1 and KS2 and has been sized down to make it accessible to these age groups. 


Arranging an outdoor gym installation

Since 2007, we have designed, manufactured, and installed over 4,000 outdoor gyms across the UK. Our team is here to help answer any questions you may have. 

If you would like to find out more about how to install an outdoor gym in your local park, school, or green space, you can complete our brief enquiry form: or call us on tel. 01483 608 860. 

If you would like to find the nearest outdoor gym to you, use our free outdoor gym locator tool

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