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The Top 5 Benefits of an Outdoor Gym in your Community

If you find the indoor gym crowded or a bit too far out of the way, or you just simply prefer to be outdoors when exercising, outdoor gyms are a fantastic way to get active.

15th September 2021

1. They are free to use and a fun and effective way to stay active safely

Local councils and green spaces are investing in high quality outdoor gyms in 2021/22, because they not only present a sustainable, fresh air fitness solution with a genuine public interest, but they create healthy places and active communities. 

This investment means, whether it is a full outdoor gym or a trim trail, equipment is robust, weather resistant and designed by sports professionals, to offer an excellent range of outdoor gym equipment. From cardio pieces, such as the outdoor bike or cross trainer, to strength and resistance pieces, such as the chest press, shoulder press or leg press, so you can be sure of a full body workout if you want one.

We have produced a short safety video on how to stay safe at your outdoor gym, and you can dip into a range of free workouts which can be found on our blog. 


2. The gyms are an excellent way to maintain/lose weight, strengthen your body and increase your fitness levels

You will find all types of people with all different fitness levels and goals, down at the outdoor gym. 

Men and women with their PT’s doing a combination of on kit and off kit workouts, parents exercising whilst the kids kick a ball or play in an adjacent playground, seniors maintaining their fitness levels and more casual users who pop in on the way home from work.

There is something for everyone from those who go for the moveable equipment, to the body builders who almost exclusively use the calisthenics bars. If you want to maintain weight, lose weight, or gain weight, an outdoor gym has different types of equipment, in just the same way as an indoor gym. 

Use your own body weight to build strength on the bars, or the resistance ranges, or hop on a cardio piece to get your heart rate going and burn calories, or a combination of the two. Be sure to take regular rest breaks, drink plenty of water, and if you are in any doubt about using the equipment, check with your GP first. 


3.Keeping active, especially with fresh air and natural daylight improves mental wellbeing

Being outside in the fresh air has so many fantastic benefits. Fresh air is good for your digestive system, it helps improve blood pressure and heart rate, strengthens your immune system, gives you more energy and a sharper mind and overall makes you feel happier. 

Add this to the benefits of natural daylight which has numerous health benefits such as boosting vitamin D, warding off seasonal depression and even improving your sleep and your daily exercise outdoors is guaranteed to set you off on the right track for the rest of the day!


4. Many parks organise free instructor led outdoor gym sessions

Hop onto the local council or friends of green spaces websites in your local area and search for organised outdoor fitness events or regular meet ups. These can be a great opportunity to have fun, meet new people and keep active.

Events range from PT lead HIIT classes to Bootcamps and add a totally new dimension to group fitness combining the outdoor gym equipment with battle ropes or resistance bands and some mat activity. 

At Fresh Air Fitness, we hold regular PT lead outdoor gym sessions. Just check out our TwitterFacebook or Instagram where we place regular event updates. 


5. An outdoor gym is a community hub where you can socialise and make new friends.

An outdoor gym is a focal point for communities and also families to come together. Community activities help to create a support network and build bonds and relationships. 

When a community is given the chance to exercise in the local park or green space for example it brings together people from all walks of life, and provides opportunities for participation, engagement and involvement for all ages. New equipment regenerates and provides interest to an area giving residents a nice place to live in and meet friends for exercise, socialising and fun!

"It's brought us closer as a family, we come up here together, we chat and we workout in our own local park which is superb!" Hannah, local resident, Windlesham.

Read more about the success of the new outdoor gym at a park in Windlesham

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