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Fresh Air Fitness Gym, Windlesham

New outdoor gym for the community of Windlesham, Surrey.


“It's brought us closer as a family, we come up here together, we chat and we workout in our own local park which is superb!” Hannah, local resident

Outdoor fitness

The Background

The Field of Remembrance is an open space enjoyed by a wide section of local residents. The facility is owned and maintained by the village and funded mainly by public donations. It really is the hub of the community and, as fitness and physical activity is core to its offering, the trustees wanted to install an outdoor gym for the community to use.

The Challenge

From football to the summer fete, the field is used by the local community for a variety of different leisure activities throughout the year. Key to the project being a success was ensuring wherever the gym was positioned didn’t impact on these events.

The gym needed to offer the whole community the opportunity to work out, increase strength and fitness levels. A selection of equipment that could be used as part of the regular bootcamp would maximize its use and give further confidence in using the equipment in between such classes.

Our Solution

A 7-piece gym allowing 12 people to work out at once, set in a curve running between one football pitch and the children’s playpark. The gym was installed with grass matting to ensure people using it wouldn’t get muddy during those winter months. A selection of cardio and strength building equipment provides all abilities with the means to improve their fitness levels.

From our Cardio Range, a Rider, Arm and Pedal Bike, Double Air Walker and Air Skier provides the opportunity to get the heart rate up, increase metabolic rate and burn fat. A Leg Lift Station, Chest Press and Pull-Down Challenger and Seated Leg Press from our Strength Range provides the opportunity to build muscle across the body. Local instructor Charlotte ran her workout sessions using the gym for several weeks, showing the community how to use the equipment to get the results they wanted to achieve.

It's brought us closer as a family, we come up here together, we chat and we workout in our own local park which is superb!


I think it inspires you, if you come past and see other people using the outdoor gym you think 'well that’s a good idea, maybe I’ll give that a go after work!


When I come here to work out, I meet people that I've never met before, so it really does bring the community together


We chose an outdoor gym to bring the community together. We wanted to include everybody in the village, so that was all ages. We wanted to highlight areas that you could use to get fit again.


It's great for the kids too. The playground is right next to the outdoor gym and so the kids get to see their parents on it. The parents can watch their kids while doing a 20-minute workout. I think that's really healthy.


The Benefits

  • 7-piece gym allowing 12 people to work out at once.
  • The new outdoor gym is free to use and can be used by all ages and any level of fitness.
  • The site offers a place for social interaction for the entire community. A facility close to the children’s play area allowing parents to workout while children play. Children will grow up appreciating how regular physical activity is an important part of everyday living.
  • Group classes for the community run by Personal Trainers are really maximizing the use of the gym
  • The strength equipment is ideal for teenagers to build muscles and tone their bodies, giving them confidence, boosting self-esteem.
  • Low impact equipment is ideal for people who have little experience in fitness or using gym style equipment. Also ideal for those returning from injury.
  • The cardio equipment raises the heart rate and burns fat, helping to improve health, reducing obesity whilst boosting mental wellbeing.

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