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outdoor gym being used in a park in the sunshine

Outdoor gyms don’t close for the summer!

You don’t have to sacrifice your hard-earned fitness levels over the holidays, just head straight down to your local outdoor gym! 

team training session at an outdoor gym.

15th July 2021

While many organised team sports, swimming lessons and fitness classes finish when the school term finishes, there are still ways to keep fit and healthy, have fun doing it and not spend a penny. 

Here, we discuss how you don’t have to sacrifice your hard-earned fitness levels over the holidays by heading straight down to your local outdoor gym! 

The benefits of fitness, fresh air and natural light

Exercising at an outdoor gym is a great way to sustain your level of fitness when other activities shut up shop for the summer.  

Firstly, training in the fresh air is really good for you and your body. Fresh air and being around nature, has been proven to lower your blood pressure and heart rate and keep your stress levels low.

During the summer months, exercising outdoors brings the additional benefits of sunshine and a plentiful supply of much needed vitamin D. The natural light combined with the fresh air will invigorate your mind and body, providing more energy. 

Outdoor gyms offer a full range of exercise

At Fresh Air Fitness, we have over 3000 outdoor gyms in the UK. All of our outdoor gym equipment is designed and developed by sports professionals to ensure, from the drawing board stages, it provides a variety of physical and health benefits. 

Most outdoor gyms in parks have equipment which builds strength, improves flexibility and gives you a fantastic cardio workout – maybe on some equipment you may not have tried before such as the Air Walker or the Air Skier – which are huge amounts of fun as well to use.  

Some bootcamps run alongside their local outdoor gym and combine a HIIT workout on mats with outdoor gym equipment use, which makes for great class content and they are always popular.

Look out for the Fresh Air Fitness award-winning ‘Big Rig’.  Here, you can add even more variety to your outdoor workout by attaching add-ons such as battle ropes, TRX straps and resistance bands to the equipment.

Try the Fresh Air Fitness App

The Fresh Air Fitness app is free to download and easy to navigate. Take it down to your local outdoor gym and it gives you a step-by-step workout guide for you to follow, with a warmup plan and options for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. 

The workout section takes you through each piece of equipment and how to use it based on your level of ability. 

You can also use the app to access our official video guides on how to use the equipment. 

The interval timer is another brilliant feature on the app, it allows you to time your exercise, rounds, and rest breaks. 

Having all these features in the palm of your hand is ideal when visiting your local outdoor gym this Summer!

How to find your nearest outdoor gym 

The best part about our outdoor gyms is that they’re open 24/7 to the public and completely free to use.

It won’t cost a thing for you to add some variety to your Summer fitness routine and enjoy exercising in the fresh air and sunshine whenever you want- British weather permitting! 

You can find your local Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym here: by downloading our excellent new app. 

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