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Get your body and mind in shape for Summer... for FREE!

f you want to get mind and body fit for summer, it doesn’t have to cost a penny. Fresh Air Fitness has multi award winning outdoor gym equipment located in parks nationwide which offer a variety of fitness equipment and they are completely free to use.

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1st June 2021

Here, we take a look at three approaches to exercise which boost your physical and mental health whilst building on stamina, strength and overall fitness. Being outdoors while exercising with the sun on your face and fresh, clean air in your lungs optimises the effect of your workout and boosts the mood through increased production of serotonin. 

Strength Training

This type of training has so many benefits. It is known to provide a sense of mindfulness, whilst focus is on the exercise, which in turn reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Strength training also improves your quality of life, developing stamina and increasing productivity.

Fresh Air Fitness offers a huge range of equipment perfect for strength training including our parallel bars, chin up bars, sit up bench, resistance bench press, resistance bicep curl, pull down challenger, seated chest press, push up / dip station, seated leg press, shoulder press, squat station and strength trainer. 

Every piece of equipment has full instructions for use, and the Fresh Air Fitness app which is free to download via Google Play or Apple's App Store offers workout suggestions. 

To build strength progressively and gradually, the Fresh Air Fitness resistance range is a great starting point. Equipment includes a built in dial to set your level of comfort between 1 – 11 which offers everyone from absolute beginners to the more advanced, opportunities to challenge themselves. Being outdoors also sends a greater level of oxygen to your muscles giving you a more efficient workout.  


Cardio Training 

Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of your heart and lungs to feed your body with oxygen. Muscular endurance is the ability of your muscles to work continuously, without getting tired. And, one thing, naturally leads to another.

Cardio training also known as ‘aerobic exercise’, includes activities that increase your breathing and heart rate.  Muscular endurance training can increase your energy levels, help you sleep better, and improve your overall mental and physical health. 

Fresh Air Fitness offers a Cardio Range of outdoor gym equipment perfect for endurance training which includes our air walker, air skier, arm and pedal bike, recumbent bike, upright bike, rider, elliptical cross trainer, cross country skier, rower and step and twist machine.

Following the instructions for use and the ideas on our app, create a workout which involves a combination of slow and steady versus short bursts of activity plus rest periods. Plan in a few visits over the course of each week and set small, incremental challenges for yourself.

Exercises performed outdoors in fresh air offer increased aerobic and endurance training benefits. The more fresh clean air we breathe in, helps improve our breathing technique. Better breathing technique improves stamina and an increase in oxygen to the muscles. 


Circuit Training

Arguably the most fun type of training, Circuit Training combines cardio and strength training. An example of a simple circuit is a series timed exercises performed one after the other with rest periods in between. 

Circuit training outdoors, can be done alone, with a bootcamp or PT or with a training buddy. You can see an example of a 25 minute Fresh Air Fitness bootcamp using a combination of mat work and Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym equipment on our YouTube page.

Cardiovascular exercise is the most transformative thing that you can do to benefit your brain today. Research has proven that increases in peak oxygen uptake were strongly associated with increased grey matter volume. In other words, cardio provides immediate, long lasting and protective benefits for your brain, protecting you against depression, Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. 

Challenge yourself to getting outdoors for some exercise this summer. Get your heart rate up, set yourself goals, and try a free outdoor gym. We guarantee you’ll have fun, benefit from the natural daylight, the clean, fresh air and the warm sunshine on your face.


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