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Outdoor Gym Special Offers for Primary Schools

Read our latest blog for details on exactly what our service includes and to find out more about our current special offers!

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8th December 2022

Fresh Air Fitness is an award-winning provider of outdoor gym equipment for Primary Schools in the UK. 

In our annual survey 96% of primary school children interviewed told us that “having an Outdoor Gym made their school a better place to be” and 94% of children agreed that “exercise makes them happy”.

Using this feedback for continual product development and innovation, our experienced team has been designing, manufacturing and installing, child-sized, outdoor fitness equipment in primary schools since 2013.

Read on for detail on exactly what our service includes and find out more about our current special offers!


What our outdoor gym installation service includes:-

We offer a professional and friendly end to end service to primary schools, which includes:

1.     Site Inspection – Recommendations on layout, surfacing and waterlogging solutions to support your vision and plan.

2.     Design and Production – Outdoor gym equipment that is durable, safe and fun to use.

3.     Delivery and Installation – Fast 6-8 week lead in time from purchase to installation and an installation date to suit you – whether term time or over the holidays.

5.     Maintenance and warranty – A 25-year warranty on all main structural parts and a comprehensive maintenance pack.

6.     Designated Project Manager – We work with you and your team to ensure a seamless project delivery. You will always have one point of contact at Fresh Air Fitness who will be available to help you with any questions, every step of the way.

7.     Teacher Support – We pride ourselves on the ongoing support we give teaching staff and children so that they get the very best from their outdoor gym. We provide a raft of free to use guides and instructional videos to aid teaching staff and motivate children, including:

  • Outdoor Gym Planning Guide
  • Instructional animations
  • 6 week lesson planners with progress tracker
  • User guides
  • Circuit class plans
  • In person training


Special Offers for Primary Schools 


Our brand-new ‘Primary Schools Outdoor Gym Starter Package’ includes 3 pieces of child sized, outdoor gym equipment and can be enjoyed by up to 8 users at once. This package was put together using feedback from our schools on their top three pieces of equipment.

This Package includes:

  • Children’s Cardio Combi
  • Children’s Double Cross-Country Skier
  • Children’s Seated Leg Press 

Total cost: £5,000 for site inspection, manufacture, supply, delivery and installation.



When you teach children about exercise, the focus is always on fun. Our ‘Primary schools 15 User Bumper Package’ offers just that! 

This fantastic outdoor gym package can be used by 15 children at once and offers oodles of fun in the fresh air, setting challenges, exercising in pairs or groups and experiencing new ways to get moving!

This package includes:

- Children’s Double Cross-Country Skier

- Children’s Tai chi Spinners

- Children’s Seated Leg Press

- Children’s Air Skier

- Children’s Hip Twister

- Children’s Cardio combi

Total cost: £8,900 for site inspection, manufacture, supply, delivery and installation.



Teachers tell us that children queue to use the equipment at breaktimes and in our annual survey, “75% of children said that using their outdoor gym helped their work in class” supporting cross curricular attainment.

This package includes 4 pieces of equipment from our Children's range, plus a 5th piece for FREE! Each carefully selected to provide children with a range of physical exercises to increase cardio strength, muscular tone, flexibility and co-ordination in a fun and dynamic way. 

  • Children’s Rider
  • Children’s T'ai Chi Spinners
  • Children’s Air Skier
  • Children’s Arm & Pedal Bike 
  • *FREE* Children's Seated Leg Press

Total cost: £5,750 for site inspection, manufacture, supply, delivery and installation.


Need funding?

We offer funding support to primary schools. As part of our service to your school, our dedicated funding experts, who have a wealth of experience, would be delighted to help your school to secure full or part funding for your outdoor gym project. We help by sharing funding strategies and your school will receive 100% of the funding raised. 

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*Offers available while stocks last. Full T&C's apply.

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