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Outdoor Gym Equipment, The Fresh Air Fitness Children's Seated Leg Press
Secondary schools students incorporating kids outdoor PE equipment into their lesson

Children's Seated Leg Press


Specially designed for children under the age of 11, our seated leg press is suitable for all abilities from beginners upwards.

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Children's Seated Leg Press

Watch our handy animation to find out how to use this product safely and effectively. We have a full series of animations, created to support teachers and children in school, ensuring children get the very best from their outdoor gym equipment.

Specially designed for children under the age of 11, Key Stage 1 & 2, our seated leg press is suitable for all abilities from beginners upwards. This simple yet effective piece of equipment is easy-to-use. Once seated, children use their legs to push their seat away from the frame working using all their leg muscles. Kids love working in pairs, and they get the opportunity with the seated leg press. Working opposite each other naturally encourages bigger, longer presses!


This equipment:

  • Exercises the legs
  • Improves balance, flexibility and strength
  • Improves physical literacy
  • Can be used by one or two children at a time
  • Can be incorporated into lesson plans


Our Seated Leg Press is clearly labelled with safety-in-use guidance and with suggested workouts to help students get the greatest benefit.

We are serious about safety and quality. All Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym equipment is produced under ISO9001 for quality standards and management, and conforms to UK safety standards EN1176 & EN16630.


Built to last, this product comes with a 25 year warranty on structural parts, a 5 year guarantee on paint and finishes and a 2 year guarantee on bearings and moving parts. Plastic parts and accessories are covered for 1 year.

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Good to know

If you like this piece of outdoor gym equipment and your school is looking for a solution which covers primary to secondary ages, we also offer it in adult sizes which is suitable for secondary school age pupils. In the adult range it's called the Seated Leg Press.

Weight (kg)


Static Dimensions - L x W x H (mm)

2379 x 463 x 1978

Dynamic Dimensions - L x W x H (mm)

3052 x 463 x 1978


Body Benefits

The Seated Chest Press provides an excellent strength-building workout, as well as developing flexibility and balance.

Primary Muscle Groups

  • Legs
  • Glutes

Secondary Muscle Groups

  • Core

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