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People enjoying outdoor exercise - heedless of the outdoor gym equipment prices

There’s More to Consider Than Just Price When Looking for Outdoor Gym Equipment

While most people focus on outdoor gym equipment prices, there are a number of other important factors!

Two men exercising on a Fresh Air Fitness machine - and they don't care about outdoor gym equipment prices!

16th March 2018

Though factors such as outdoor gym equipment prices and your planned location are important when considering any outdoor exercise project, there are a number of other factors that you need to consider as well, including what your users aim to gain from using the equipment. If you’re not sure, then you can simply break things down into three categories: cardio, strength, and core strengthening - deciding which of these you’re aiming for (or all three!) can help you make an informed decision when it comes to your purchase. Of course, the Fresh Air Fitness experts are here to guide you on what would work best for your specific circumstances, but the following blog will give you an idea of why you might consider each type of equipment.


Outdoor gym equipment for cardiovascular exercise (or “cardio”) is a great way to promote heart health and lung fitness, as well as improve circulation, endurance, and stamina. People who regularly participate in cardio also often sleep better at night, and are more likely to lose weight and burn fat. Aerobic exercise can be undertaken at different levels of intensity, and Fresh Air Fitness offers a variety of equipment to suit everyone, whether you’re more interested in air walking, rowing, or something else entirely.


Resistance training is a fantastic way to not only gain muscle but strengthen your tendons and ligaments, which in turn actually lowers your risk of exercise or sports-based injury. Building muscle mass also increases your base metabolic rate, meaning that the number of calories that you burn - even when not exercising - increases, which has a long-lasting beneficial effect. Strength training is suitable for all ages, and shouldn’t be neglected by seniors, as it greatly helps reduce muscle loss brought on by ageing, and is also reported to increase bone density and offset the risk of osteoporosis. We offer a range of outdoor gym equipment targeted at increasing users’ strength, which offers interesting alternatives to just lifting weights to build strength!

Flexibility, Balance and Core Strengthening

Exercises that focus on balance and flexibility make great warm up and cool down exercises, and are perfect for those with joint issues, as they are usually much lower impact than other forms of training. All ages can benefit from core strengthening training; children can improve on their coordination and spatial awareness, and older people will see a reduced risk of falls. Using outdoor gym equipment such as sit up benches, or the balance beam can really strengthen your core as well as boost your confidence and self-esteem - why not try it and see?

Here at Fresh Air Fitness, we pride ourselves on offering competitive outdoor gym equipment prices for quality products! We believe that exercise and fitness are for all, which is why we put together bespoke equipment combinations for every project to suit the future users’ age range, ability level, and other needs. If you’re looking to install an outdoor gym, get in touch with our experienced team today to discuss outdoor gym equipment prices - or just to find out more about how we can help you with everything from funding to maintenance - by calling 01483 608 860, emailing, or filling in our contact form.

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