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National Fitness Day Fresh Air Fitness Bootcamp

National Fitness Day 2020

National Fitness Day is the most active day of the year and 2020 was no exception!

Ladies using the Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym during National Fitness Day Bootcamp

28th September 2020

What is National Fitness Day?

National Fitness Day is the most active day of the year, bringing people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities together to celebrate the fun of fitness. 

This year, on 23rd September 2020, there were more than 20,000 fitness events held with over five million people taking part!

The aim of the day, which has been running for 10 years now, is to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity in the UK. It strives to encourage people to understand the impact fitness has on leading a healthier and more active lifestyle and has grown to become the most important day in the fitness calendar. National Fitness Day is, of course, not just about one day, it encourages people to commit to changing their routine for a lifetime of benefits.

There are plenty of activities to take part in, all over the country, including mass walks, yoga and pilates classes, dance-offs, and free bootcamps just like the one Fresh Air Fitness held to celebrate the day!

The focus of 2020’s National Fitness Day was to demonstrate the inclusive power of physical activity and to celebrate the way ‘Fitness Unites Us’. It’s a difficult time but coming together to be active is a brilliant way to overcome the challenges our society is facing.


Why we took part?

At Fresh Air Fitness, we take part and raise awareness of National Fitness Day every single year for a multitude of reasons. We boast the largest range of outdoor gym equipment available and have carried out over 2,000 installations across the UK and we love nothing more than to see our gyms in full use. As the market leader in outdoor fitness equipment, Fresh Air Fitness and our team has three main passions driving our success. The first being our dedication to our customers and end users - we love to connect with our customers on National Fitness Day! We are also obsessed with the quality of our products, so this day is a great way to see first-hand the positive impact our installations are having on the lifestyles of each community.

Lastly our team has an ambition to help the people of Britain beat the country’s growing obesity crisis, an issue which has become even more important to tackle now that obesity has been linked to an increased risk of serious Covid-19 complications. At Fresh Air Fitness we wholeheartedly support National Fitness Day’s aim to encourage people to commit to a healthy lifestyle change and that is why we hold our own events each year.

What did we do?

This year we held a free bootcamp using our outdoor gym equipment at Windlesham Field of Remembrance. Our fantastic 45-minute morning workout was led by Charlotte from Fit in the City and was suitable for anyone over the age of 11. There was a strong turn out with guys and girls of all age groups and abilities attending to try out our bootcamp/outdoor gym combination!

The workout consisted of a warm-up, warm-down and a rotation between cardio and body weight exercise, making use of our outdoor gym equipment. Cardio activities, on the day, included star jumps, squats, toe flicks, skaters, lunges and many more. Our superb outdoor gym equipment, incorporated into the workout, included: the Double Air Walker, perfect for exercising your legs, the Air Skier to tone the hips and core, the Arm and Pedal Bike to work the arms, legs and core, the Combination Pull Down and Chest Press to build strength in the arms, chest and back, and the Leg Lift Station for training the core, thighs, arms and shoulders. All these pieces of equipment help to improve balance, coordination and flexibility and provide an excellent all-body, cardiovascular workout for every ability.

The event was an outstanding success and we got some amazing video footage which we hope to be able to share soon. Charlotte from Fit in The City garnered a huge amount of interest from everyone who took part and plans to come back to the park to run similar bootcamps with both cardio and outdoor gym equipment training as a regular fitness commitment.

The Fresh Air Fitness team is delighted with the results of this event.


Word from the organisers at UK Active

In attendance was Conor Sheehan from UK Active, who organise National Fitness Day each year and we managed to grab a few words with him about the mission of the event each year.

Conor explained: “National Fitness Day is really important because it’s celebrating physical activity, no matter what you’re doing or how you’re doing it, it’s all about getting involved, massive participation and having great fun doing it.

“Events like the one being held here by Fresh Air Fitness today are great because it’s all about getting more people physically active. It’s about doing what you can to get physically fit, so doing things like this are great.

“I’ve used an outdoor gym before, they’re great fun and good to use when you’re out on a jog as well, to do a bit of a stop off in between. They are free to use, you can use them at any time of the day, and they are fun to use as well.        

“Outdoor gyms are great for the community because they offer a way to get physically active, and they’re open for anybody to use.”


Where is my nearest outdoor gym?

To begin your journey towards a healthier and more active lifestyle, you can find your nearest Fresh Air Fitness gym here:

If you represent a local school, council, hospital or business complex and would like to speak to one of the team about getting Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym equipment installed to enhance an unused area of green space, we would be delighted to hear from you on 01483 608860.

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