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National Simplicity Day

12 July 2023

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26th June 2023

On 12th July 2023 is National Simplicity Day. 

In this modern world, where we are bombarded with information, continuously connected, constantly having our time and attention demanded - we need to make space to stop, breathe and be alone with our thoughts.

Often peace and happiness come from very simple things and National Simplicity Day, which was founded in honour of Henry David Thoreau, was based on his philosophical writings advocating the many benefits of combining simple living with natural surroundings.  

This National Simplicity Day, we look at some simple pleasures which allow you to be in the moment, in nature and reconnect with everything that makes you feel calm and happy. 


1. Reading a book outdoors

Find somewhere quiet, free of the doorbell or your phone buzzing or other interruptions. A park bench with beautiful view is the perfect spot. Reading provides us with a healthy escape and reduces stress. Books allow us to experience realities outside of our lives and teach us to relate to others by often putting ourselves in the shoes of the characters. This simple technique makes us more empathetic and understanding of others in our real lives. In addition to this, by reading books about people who have overcome adversity, we are often encouraged to do the same. The right book can motivate you to never give up and stay positive!


2. Take a walk

Reconnecting with nature reduces anxiety and calms your nerves. It lowers concentrations of cortisol, lowers pulse rate and blood pressure. Whether you are simply walking around the block or a lake or a field, take your time and be in the moment. Listen to the birds in the trees and look out for nature. Stay still and look at what you can see. 

Being outdoors in nature gives you the perfect opportunity for mindfulness. Let your senses come alive and live in the moment.


3. Exercise outdoors

Get out in the sun and get some vitamin D whilst you exercise. You are no longer restricted to indoor gyms to get a full body workout, Fresh Air Fitness has installed over 4,000 outdoor gyms in the UK and we provide a handy outdoor gym locator for anyone wanting to give one a try. 

People-powered, an outdoor gym exercises your whole body and you will recognise many pieces of equipment as similar to what you might normally see in an indoor gym, such as the Elliptical Cross Trainer, the Bench PressBike and Rower. Our resistance range also allows you to change the resistance to make your workout more challenging.   

Regularly visiting an outdoor gym gives you all the advantages of exercise with the additional benefits of natural daylight and fresh air. 

4. Get disconnected

Whilst the digital revolution is too recent for any long-term research to be drawn from it, early indications show that frequent mobile phone use reduces memory, shortens attention span and reduces cognitive ability. 

Part of the complexity of modern life is that we are continuously connected and tuned in to information. Simplicity Day is all about switching off and getting away from the noise – the news, politics, social media etc. Looking at your loved ones through your eyes rather than a screen and getting back to nature.

Leaving your devices at home and walking outside into nature will create a feeling of freedom releasing you from the pressure of having to respond or be involved. Leaving your devices behind might increase your boredom levels initially, but you will soon look for healthier habits for entertaining yourself – such as reading. Another very good reason to disconnect from your phone more is that the blue light on your phone mimics daylight, so the more time you look at your screen your sleep will eventually be affected. Having your phone locked away will improve the quality of your sleep immediately. 


5. Meditate

Meditating outdoors can have significant benefits. The connection we have with nature reduces blood pressure, increases the production of dopamine and oxytocin; and provides a boost of energy. The reason meditation is so powerful is that it causes shifts in our awareness. We often over-identify with thoughts and emotions, which can prolong them and make them feel bigger than they are. Specific thoughts or feelings can negatively impact us for days on end. Meditation allows us to see that we are not the total sum of our thoughts and feelings. Regular meditation helps us understand that we are just the vessels through which our thoughts flow. We are the consciousness that experiences them, but we do not have to attach ourselves to them. This makes us feel larger than our thoughts and emotions, and this sense allows us to take back the control. From this, comes inner peace. 


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