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Horizons Specialist Academy Trust Multi Gym Project


Fresh Air Fitness was commissioned to work on a multi outdoor gym project across a specialist academy trust.

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The Background

The Horizons Specialist Academy Trust is a group of eight schools found across the UK. Through a competitive tender process, Fresh Air Fitness was delighted to be selected to provide a three-site installation of outdoor gym equipment for three schools located in the North of the UK: Mo Mowlam Academy’s Primary School, Mo Mowlam Academy’s Junior School and Green Gates Academy.

The installations formed a part of Horizons Specialist Academy Trust’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of their students, recognising the substantial benefits of an active school community. Exercise is a key part of school life from boosting positive mental health to improving concentration in class, as well as learning key life skills such as socialising and working together.

The Challenge

Fresh Air Fitness was tasked to install a range of equipment which, as part of their sustainability initiative, needed to be high quality equipment built to last. The outdoor gym also needed to be robust, safe and easy to use as well as attractive and engaging – creating a buzz around using the equipment – ultimately making exercise fun!
The gym equipment also needed to be age appropriate, catering for the primary school age children and the secondary school age children.

The Solution

The Mo Molam Secondary School installed:

Double Air Walker - a low impact walking machine that enables students to undertake gentle aerobic exercise and go at their own pace. By swinging the legs wider, users will get a greater stretch to develop flexibility in the hips; a shorter sharper movement builds cardio strength.

Arm and Pedal Bike - improve flexibility, core strength and cardio fitness with a seated piece of equipment designed to rotate arms and legs simultaneously or separately, setting their own pace and rotational speed.

Chin Up Bars - perform overhand pull-ups, underhand pull-ups, chin-ups and hanging leg raise to strengthen and build muscles in arms, back and shoulders.

Seated Leg Press - a work-out for the whole leg.

All equipment was selected from our Secondary School Range.

The Mo Molam Primary School installed:

Children's Arm and Pedal Bike - rotating the arms whilst cycling helps develop hand eye co-ordination and balance. The equipment provides a cardiovascular workout and exercises the arms, legs, and core muscles, helping to develop core strength too!

Children's Elliptical Cross Trainer - a cross trainer works the whole body and different muscle groups depending upon whether you operate the equipment in a forward or reverse motion. Improves circulation and balance and coordination.

Children's Rider - an upright rowing machine which uses the whole body to move the building cardio strength, stamina, and muscular strength.

Children's Air Skier - users enjoy swinging their legs back and forth or side to side. The Air Skier is a very popular price of equipment that is great fun whilst it also gives a full body workout. The equipment is sociable as children can work-out in pairs – an extra boost to mental health and wellbeing!

Equipment installed at this site was selected from our Children’s KS1 & 2 Range.

The Green Gates Academy school site:

Table Tennis Table - facilities social interaction, hand-eye coordination and physical agility. Stimulates mental alertness and concentration.

About us

Fresh Air Fitness is the UK’s leading provider of outdoor gym equipment. Since 2007, the team has installed over 4,000 outdoor gyms. A Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym is robust, sustainable and environmentally friendly. With one of the largest ranges of outdoor gym equipment, see one of the latest special offer packages or select your favourites for a bespoke solution.

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