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Children's Rower

NEW Children's Rower


Just like rowing a boat, this fantastic piece of equipment is fun to use while offering a huge number of physical benefits. Specially designed for children aged 11 and under, the Children's Rower, resistance is provided by the childs own body weight.

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NEW Children's Rower

Much like a rowing boat, the Children's Rower has been especially designed to provide a total body workout, developing upper body and core strength, balance, flexibility and of course, cardio fitness. Sitting in the chair, clasping the handles, users pull back with the arms while holding the core, extending the body backwards, before using the whole body to return back to the starting position. Suitable for all abilities, users simply set their own pace.


This equipment:

  • Offers a full body workout
  • Develops strength in the arms and core
  • Improves balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Provides a cardiovascular workout
  • Resistance provided by childs body weight
  • Suitable for children of primary school age, key stages 1 & 2


Our Children's Rower is clearly labelled with safety-in-use guidance and with suggested workouts to help users get the greatest benefit.

We are serious about safety and quality. All Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym equipment is produced under ISO9001 for quality standards and management, and conforms to UK safety standards EN1176 & EN16630.


Built to last, this product comes with a 25 year guarantee on structural parts, a 5 year guarantee on paint and finishes and a 2 year guarantee on bearings and moving parts. Plastic parts and accessories are covered for 1 year.

Static Dimensions - L x W x H (mm)

1080mm x 860mm x 1079mm

Dynamic Dimensions - L x W x H (mm)

1080mm x 860mm x 1079mm


Body Benefits

The Self Weighted Rower provides an excellent cardio workout, as well as building strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Primary Muscle Groups

  • Arms
  • Core
  • Legs

Secondary Muscle Groups

  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Glutes
  • Back

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