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What are the benefits to councils of outdoor gyms in parks?

Inflation may have eased (ever so) slightly, but families are still under intense pressure as the cost-of-living crisis continues to bite. Many are feeling the impact of higher rents and mortgage payments, with the Bank of England having hiked up interest rates 13 times in a row. Meanwhile, almost half of adults reported spending more than they normally did to get the food they usually purchase, or said they were buying less food, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

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22nd August 2023

The cost of gym membership

Against this stark background, many are giving up gym memberships to cover bills and have food in their fridge and cupboards. That’s hardly surprising when you consider that average monthly fees are £42.99 for peak rolling gym membership in a privately owned club (LeisureDB 2022 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report). Additionally, an IWG study found that 50% of 25-34 year olds cancelled memberships due to soaring costs, while the figure for those aged 18 to 24 was 56%. 

Over the course of a year, gym memberships clearly amount to hundreds of pounds, money many families can ill afford to part with just now. 

So there could hardly be a better time for local councils to consider installing outdoor gyms with exercise equipment everyone can enjoy, free at the point of use. What’s more, these facilities offer users identical physical and mental health benefits to those gained from indoor gyms, with the added benefit of fresh air and a boost of vitamin D.

The benefits of the outdoor gyms

There are numerous benefits a council can enjoy when it places outdoor gym equipment in its area, and these go far beyond merely improving community recreational and leisure facilities. They include: 

  • Helping with the regeneration of a deprived area
  • Creating of a place where local clubs and teams can train 
  • A spot where older people can keep active and socialise, free of charge
  • Social cohesion thanks to having a central focal point to bring people together 
  • Giving a focus and something for younger people to do, reducing antisocial behaviour 
  • Giving people a reason to be out and about, al fresco gyms can help increase footfall back into a city or town centre 
  • Ability to form a ‘trim trail’ or obstacle course comprising outdoor exercise stations for children and adults 


Fresh Air Fitness Outdoor Gyms

At Fresh Air Fitness, we supply 40 pieces of outdoor gym equipment across our range, and have more than 4,000 outdoor gym installations in place UK-wide. Our equipment is aimed at everybody, regardless of fitness level, ability or experience. Thanks to our app and ‘How to’ videos, everyone can complete a full-body workout that’s right for them, and feel the associated benefits. 

And, of course, there are no class times or gym opening hours – as long as the park is open, people can use the equipment. 

Check out our ‘Big Rig’ 

Our Big Rig is a particularly good (and cost-effective) choice for councils looking to add outdoor exercise machines to their parks or other open spaces. Comprising eight individual workout stations, multiple pull-up bars, ladders and more, it offers a versatile full-body training rig for 16 or more users at a time, for all abilities, from age 11 upwards. 

The sheer variety of workout options keeps training fresh, and you can add things like punch bags or straps, building muscle and cardiovascular strength, while toning and defining the body. 

We’re currently offering this equipment at the special price of just £13,500 for delivery and installation on grass. (We can also help with options for sourcing funding.) There’s an extended 25-year guarantee for its structural parts, while paint and finishes are guaranteed for five years, bearings and moving parts for two, plastic parts and accessories for one. 

We’ve already helped many authorities, and we could help your communities feel the many benefits of exercising for free in the open air. Get in touch today to learn more – give us a call or fill in the simple online form

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