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Cardio Series Part 7: Double Air Walker

Read about all the benefits to your mind, body and balance, and a handy workout plan.

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21st July 2022

At Fresh Air Fitness we’ve moved the indoor gym, outdoors, improving everybody's workout with the powerful benefits of natural daylight and fresh air. From cross trainers to rower machines, we’ve got all the equipment you’ll need for a full body training session.

Since 2007, we have been supplying award-winning outdoor gym equipment to schools, green spaces, NHS trusts and more and we are proud to offer one of the largest product ranges in the UK.

Today we will continue to explore all the benefits of our fantastic 21-piece cardio range, focusing this time, on the excellent Double Air Walker. We will be taking a look at the benefits to your mind, body and balance as well as providing the technical specifications and even a handy workout plan.  


Body Benefits

The Fresh Air Fitness Double Air Walker is a piece of fitness equipment that really does your muscles good! With the Double Air Walker. While your legs push down on the pedals your calves, thighs and glutes will be contracting and another fabulous benefit is that the machine's movements require you to stand upright and as such this helps your abs contract, giving a great work out to your whole core and lower body. 

Using the Fresh Air Fitness Double Air Walker is like jogging or power walking with less of the vertical force. It’s a great way to work out in a low impact way that will protect your joints so good for anyone who needs to take it carefully. 

This versatile piece of kit can be used in more than one way. Try leaning on the front bar and raising both legs simultaneously to target the core.  

Using this equipment will improve your stamina, balance, coordination, and flexibility. The Fresh Air Fitness Double Air Walker allows you to set the pace and is suitable for all abilities. It can be used by anyone over the age of 11. 


Do you burn calories at an outdoor gym?

Yes you do! The average number of calories burned in 30 minutes of using the Fresh Air Fitness Double Air Walker is 120, but remember the intensity of your workout is up to you and all bodies respond differently so the harder you work, the more calories you may burn or you might be working on building up gently towards greater stamina. It’s your fitness plan and your choice. 

Using your own body weight and resistance you can create a personalised workout that is beneficial to your unique body and tailor it to your ability and goals. 

The more effort you put into the workout and the more regularly you factor exercise into your daily routine, the more calories you will burn. And remember, the Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym also allows you to tone your body and build muscle which increases the length of time your body will burn calories for after your workout.

When you stop exercising, your body’s metabolic rate doesn't return to “resting” immediately but instead remains elevated for a short time. This causes an increase in calorie burn, even after you've stretched, showered, and eaten your post-workout snack. The additional energy expenditure that happens in the period post-workout is known as the ‘afterburn effect’.



Working on toning and developing muscle supports a healthier lifestyle and long-term weight loss. Muscle tone burns an average of 6 calories per pound per day as opposed to fat that burns an average of 2 calories per pound per day.

As well as burning calories on the Fresh Air Fitness Double Air Walker you will also be toning your lower body, core and arms while using the equipment. 

The Fresh Air Fitness Double Air Walker allows you to set the range of motion for your body, you may choose a wide walk that will in turn stretch legs and developing flexibility in the hip joints or you may choose a shorter faster pace to build cardio strength and tone.


Coordination & Balance

Improved balance and muscle group coordination will naturally increase your body's ability to control itself during challenging tasks. 

Improving your balance improves your mobility and that in turn can help you to also carry out your regular everyday tasks with more ease and less difficulty. 

The Fresh Air Fitness Double Air Walker works on your levels of coordination and balance as you naturally stabilize your body in order to remain upright on the equipment and power your moves. 


Mood & Mind

A 2019 study conducted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health saw that simply  walking for an hour or running for 15 minutes per day reduces the risk of major depression by up to 26%.

While using the Fresh Air Fitness Double Air Walker will undoubtedly give you the benefit of a rush of endorphins from the exercise itself, there's another benefit, connection with a friend or family member. The equipment allows you to work out alongside each other giving you the opportunity to catch up and bond. This also provides motivation when you and a friend or relative encourage each other. 

Being outdoors and breathing in clean fresh air, allows a deeper level of oxygen intake which in turn benefits the body in terms of tissue repair and boosting your immune system. 


Workout Plan 

  • Step onto the Double Air Walker and start to move your legs at a slow pace for 5 minutes to warm up.
  • Switch to a medium pace for 5 minutes.
  • Alternate between a fast pace (1 minute) and a medium pace (1 minute) for the next 5 minutes.
  • Finally, cool down by reducing to a slow pace once again for 5 minutes. 

Approximate calories burned: 80 calories in 20 minutes 

Note: Don’t exert yourself beyond your limits. Talk to your doctor if you have issues with your balance, blood pressure, or heart health to make sure this type of exercise is safe for you.


Technical Specification and Users

The Fresh Air Fitness Double Air Walker is suitable for all abilities, from complete beginners to fitness professionals. It’s 103kg in weight, has a length of 2285mm, a width of 630mm, and stands at 1183mm tall. This sizing allows for the equipment to be used by anyone over the age of 11.

For anyone younger than 11 years, we can supply a Children’s Double Air Walker as part of our children’s range. The Children’s Double Air Walker is suitable for KS1 and KS2. You can read more about how this equipment has been designed especially for children under the age of 11.


Arranging an outdoor gym installation

If you would like to find out more about how to install an outdoor gym in your local park, school, or green space, you can complete our brief enquiry form: or call us on tel. 01483 608 860. Our team is here to help answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to find the nearest outdoor gym to you, use our free outdoor gym locator tool

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