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people using the Fresh Air Fitness Twist and Step

Cardio Series Part 10: The Twist And Step

Develop flexibility and burn calories on the Twist and Step

people using the Fresh Air Fitness Twist and Step

7th December 2022

At Fresh Air Fitness, we have been designing, manufacturing and installating of state of the art, outdoor gym equipment since 2007.  Free to use in your local park or green space, our award-winning outdoor gyms offer all aspects of fitness from endurance, strength and balance to flexibility and cardiovascular. 

Being located outdoors means they are excellent for your health and wellbeing – as well as your pocket – because they are absolutely free to use!

Today, we continue to explore the many benefits of our excellent 21-piece cardio range, focusing this time, on the fantastic Twist and Step machine. We will be taking a look at the benefits for your mind, body and balance as well as providing the technical specifications and an easy-to-follow workout plan.


Body Benefits

The Twist and Step is a fantastic double-piece that has a hip twister on one side and a stepper on the other.  

Specially designed to improve flexibility and range of movement around waist and hips, the hip twister side is easy to use and suitable for all abilities.

Hip twists are a great toning exercise to define the waist and strengthen your core, as well as improving your balance and stability. They are also upright way to enjoy the benefits of regular, mat-based twist crunches or Russian twists.

The Stepper is an excellent piece of cardio equipment, As well as conditioning your heart and lungs and improving your stamina, the stepper machine is a brilliant leg workout. If you've ever felt tired climbing a flight of stairs, you can imagine how quickly you can start to feel the burn in your legs with the stepper. 


Do you burn calories on the Twist and Step?

Using the Twister side of the Twist and Step benefits your entire core and midsection which in turn boosts your core strength. It will act as a good gentle warm up ahead of moving across to the Stepper which is an excellent cardiovascular piece of equipment designed to get the heart rate up and immediately intensify your workout session. 

While using the Stepper, it actively engages the big leg muscles from your glutes all the way down to your feet. The Stepper provides a great cardio workout and you will start burning calories straight away. It is also a piece of equipment that has the added benefit of being very easy on your joints.

To get started using the Hip Twister side, you grip the handles, step up onto the plate and start slowly twisting from the waist. 

To use the Stepper side, grip the handles and step one foot onto each footplate. Then push through your legs and feet, one after the other to build a stepping motion, engaging the core and all the leg muscles as you move. The calories you burn using the stepper depend on your weight and the intensity of your workout. 

For instance, someone who weighs 175 pounds and works out for 30 minutes at a medium pace will burn about 243 calories. A person doing that same workout, but who weighs 130 pounds, will burn 162 calories.


Mood & Mind

As you use the stepper and hip twister your body begins to release endorphins, which are “feel-good” brain chemicals that boost your mood and reduce your stress levels. 

Furthermore, the rhythm from using the stepper is said to have positive impact on your body physically and your mind, cognitively. 

‘Dual-task’ training also injects physical activity with an element of fun - so you enjoy getting active even more! And of course, you can always workout with a friend, alternating between the two sides.


Workout Plan 

Warm up on the Hip Twister side for 5 minutes with a gentle pace.

Switch to the Stepper for a medium pace for 5 minutes.

Remain on the stepper and alternate between a fast pace (1 minute) and a medium pace (1 minute) for the next 5 minutes. 

Then cool back down on the Hip Twister at a slow pace for the final 5 minutes.

Approximate calories burned: 200 in 20 minutes. 

Note: Don’t exert yourself beyond your limits. Talk to your doctor if you have issues with your balance, blood pressure, or heart health to make sure this type of exercise is safe for you.


Technical Specification & Users

The Fresh Air Fitness Twist and Step is suitable for all abilities, from those just beginning their fitness journey to professionals. 

It’s 73kg in weight. Sizing allows for the equipment to be used by anyone over the age of 11.

For anyone younger than 11 years, we have a huge range of children’s outdoor gym equipment designed and built to be suitable for younger children in KS1 and KS2. 


Arranging an outdoor gym installation

If you would like to find out more about how to install an outdoor gym in your local park, school, or green space, you can complete our brief enquiry form or call us on tel. 01483 608 860.

Our team is here to help answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to find the nearest outdoor gym to you, use our free outdoor gym locator tool.

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