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Children on Outdoor Gym

The NEW Children's Cardio Combi

School Children on Outdoor Gym

17th September 2018

Fish and Chips, Batman and Robin, Milk and cookies, Tom and Jerry...  

...just a few examples of great combinations whose whole value is greater than the sum of their parts. Still good independent of each other… but even better together.

Here at Fresh Air Fitness we like the idea of combining something good to make something great! The result of this? The latest product in our Childrens range of Outdoor Gym equipment…. The Children's Cardio Combi. Taking two of the most popular pieces in the range the Children's Double Air Walker and the Children's Air Skier to create this brand new innovation. The Children's Cardio Combi allows 4 users at any one time, with 2 different actions, on just 1 piece of equipment.

The Children's Cardio Combi can be a fantastic addition to an existing outdoor gym installation or a starting point for a brand new installation at your school this year! With the governments promise to keep the doubling of the PE and Sport Premium for the new school year and the varous other funding opportunities currently available, there’s no better time to invest in an Outdoor Gym for your school!

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Glimpse the Children's Cardio Combi in action here!

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