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Cross Country Skiing inspire local outdoor gym

You don't need the snow to cross country ski!

Introducing our Cross Country Skier

You don't need snow to try a spot of cross country skiing this winter!

Find out how the cross country skier will boost your fitness and metabolic rate

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4th September 2017

Cross Country Skiing is a form of skiing where skiers rely on their own locomotion to move across snow-covered terrain, rather than using ski lifts or other forms of assistance. It has tremendous health benefits as skiers not only use their legs to move, but also use ski poles as a means of propulsion. As a result, the upper body gets much more of a workout when cross-country skiing compared to when running or cycling. Now the chances are, it probably isn't snowing outside. This doesn't mean however, you can't get down your local outdoor gym and use one there! 

This activity will challenge individuals who are in excellent cardiovascular condition. Similarly, it can also provide a gentle workout for previously inactive new users looking to get into shape whilst feeling the amazing benefits of exercise. (Both these types of people are awesome by the way!)

To help users get the most out the equipment, signage is provided to recommend a workout for beginners that are just starting out, people who have already have a good level of fitness and a really challenging workout for more advanced users. Each piece of equipment in the Fresh Air Fitness range comes with a specific user guide label, including an illustration, instructions for use and general safety guidelines.

As well as using all major muscle groups, working out on the Cross Country Skier will also help build stamina, balance and coordination. Working all the major muscle groups ensures that your metabolic rate is increased and raised up to an hour after you have stepped off the machine. So not only have you just burnt all those calories doing the exercise, you're now lying on the sofa at home still burning increased calories as a result of the exercise you've just done! Winning!

Find out more about the benefits of our outdoor exercise equipment on our Products page. If you'd like to try the Cross Country Skier for yourself, you can find out if it has been installed at your local outdoor gym here.

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