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19th August 2021

Outdoor gyms for Primary Schools

Since 2007 we have installed over 3000 outdoor gyms!

Trusted by schools up and down the UK, our KS1 and KS2 childrens outdoor gyms are designed to be the correct size for Primary School children. 

We have carried out extensive research in Primary Schools and the outdoor gym experience for them is fun which is so important when introducing a child to exercise.  Our inclusive outdoor gyms allow all children to participate without having to compete – from the least active to the most active. 

This participation and inclusion of everyone, establishes lasting healthy habits which benefit pupils far into adulthood.


Largest range of children's outdoor gym equipment in the UK

At Fresh Air Fitness, we have one of the largest ranges of child-size equipment in the UK and your school can select individual pieces, purchase a package or take advantage of one of our many special discounts. See our full child sized outdoor gym equipment range here

Outdoor gyms provide teachers and children with an exciting and dynamic outdoor activity with the added benefits of natural daylight and fresh air. 

This powerful combination of being outdoors, having fun and moving your body, improves a child’s strength and endurance, reduces any stress or anxiety and boosts happiness, confidence and self-esteem.


Fitness is linked to learning

Studies have found that the more physically fit a child is, the larger their hippocampus tends to be, showing a direct link between exercise and the ability to learn and memorise information. 

We also conducted our own survey and found that 75% of children felt using our outdoor gym helped their work in class, supporting the view that exercise enhances cross curricular attainment. 

If you feel that the pupils at your primary school could benefit from one of our outdoor gyms, please contact us or browse our latest Primary School outdoor gym special offers. We can also support you on your funding journey, just enquire with our team in the south on 01483 608860 or our northern office on 0151 3293550.


Outdoor gyms for Secondary Schools 

Building positive attitudes in young people towards physical activity is vital as those who participate and engage with fitness at secondary school are more likely to stay active as they become adults, which in turn will provide them with many health and wellbeing benefits. 

It has been proven that regular exercise, will not only help prevent teenagers from developing conditions such as high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels, later in life, it will also improve their self-image, fight anxiety and depression and build their confidence. 


The Award-Winning Big Rig 

The Big Rig makes a big statement and secondary schools tell us that they love it for team training, strength, endurance and cardio activities as well as warmups, cool downs and its enormous range of exercise options. 

Suitable for 15+ users, the Big Rig includes a chest press, pull down challenger, sit up bench, step up platform, leg lift, leg press, hip twister, dorsal raise station, horizontal ladder, vertical ladder, static monkey bars, pull up bars, ninja rings and the option to add training straps, punch bags and battle ropes. 

It is a very versatile piece of kit where only your imagination is the limit!


Mental Health and Fitness at Secondary Schools

A survey conducted by Sport England revealed that active children are happier, more resilient, and more trusting of others and there is a positive association between being active and higher levels of mental wellbeing and personal development. 

How much does an outdoor gym for schools cost?

The Big Rig starts at £10K which includes delivery and installation into grass. If you would like to install individual outdoor gym pieces from our adult sized range, there are a number of flexible options and offers open to you. Visit our outdoor gym equipment adult range to browse the different benefits and our outdoor gym equipment special offers page to see what we have currently on offer for schools. If you would like to discuss your needs and requirements, we would love to hear from you. Contact us online or give us a call on 01483 608860.


Through school outdoor gym option

At Fresh Air Fitness we pride ourselves in being able to provide a through-school outdoor gym experience. 

If your school welcomes children from primary age up to secondary age, you might be looking to invest in an outdoor gym solution which appeals to all ages. 

With one of the largest ranges of outdoor gym equipment in the UK, we offer schools total flexibility to choose what suits your specific needs, which means you get to cherry pick, whatever equipment you feel will best appeal to the different age groups of children attending your school setting. 

If you would like to discuss a hybrid solution with a combination of child-sized and adult sized pieces of outdoor gym equipment, please call the office on 01483 608860.

If you would like to see examples of how our outdoor gyms have transformed activity levels in schools please visit our Outdoor Gyms For Schools Success Stories.

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