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outdoor gym equipment designed for different age groups

Our very own Fresh Air Fitness ‘Mini-Me’ Collection!

Outdoor Gym Equipment in both Adult and Child Sizes

adults air skier and childrens air skier

10th November 2021

Mini-Me: Hand pick a range that can be enjoyed by both big and small users!

Our outdoor gyms provide access to exercise and fresh air for both adults and children up and down the UK. 

Activity from an early age benefits a child's development. It enhances and promotes the development of motor skills, bones and muscles, cognitive and social skills. 

Exercise in adulthood promotes good physical and mental health, is sociable and improves your overall quality of life. 

At Fresh Air Fitness, we design, build and install outdoor gym equipment in both adult and child sizes. Our adult range is designed with the height of the average UK adult, 169cm, in mind. Our children’s range follows the same logic based on the average 8-year-old, at 126cm, as 8 is the midpoint age between KS1 and KS2. And the clever design features in both ranges, including elongated handles and spacious footplates, allow all children and adults to gain the full benefit from their equipment range. 

Below is a showcase of some of our ‘Mini-Me’ favourites. Whether you are looking for a through-school solution to provide a facility for everyone from your youngest pupils to your seniors, or you are looking to handpick a selection that suits a particular project or green space, speak to one of the team today to tailor make any range which suits your needs. 


Adult Air Skier

Specially designed to provide an excellent full body workout, the Air Skier allows you to set your own pace swinging from side to side vigorously, to get your heart racing, or with a gentler approach for a more therapeutic workout. Exercising with this piece of equipment helps to build balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. 

The Air Skier primarily targets the glutes, legs, core and hips, but will also help to build muscle in your arms. 

It’s low impact on joints which makes it perfect for older adults to use and can be enjoyed by adults of all fitness abilities. 


Children’s Air Skier

85% of the size of its adult counterpart, the Children’s Air Skier is great fun to use and provides all of the same amazing health and fitness benefits. 

It’s one of the most popular pieces of equipment in our children’s range. Kids love the sensation of swinging side to side and because they can face one another it can be enjoyed in pairs. 

This piece of equipment is so much fun to use it improves physical literacy through play. 

Outdoor gym equipment in primary schools hugely increases the level of physical activity throughout the school day and may be used at breaktimes, lunchtimes, PE lessons, after school clubs and holiday clubs. 

Exercise at school also has notable cross-curricular benefits, aiding concentration and enhancing good mood and happiness. 


Adult Arm and Pedal Bike

Using the Arm and Pedal Bike, you can set your own pace to cycle your arms and legs separately or simultaneously in a forward or reverse motion. 

This piece of outdoor gym equipment is similar to an exercise bike you may find in an indoor gym but will allow you to benefit from the fresh air around you. Nature is powerful and we can tap into some of this power by working out, outdoors. Spending time on the arm and pedal bike outside in nature helps lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels while enhancing the function of the immune system. A little fresh air can even increase self-esteem, inspire a better mood, and lower anxiety.

This piece of equipment provides a fantastic outdoor, cardiovascular workout that’s low impact on joints, again making it perfect for seniors or those returning gradually to exercise.

It targets muscle groups in the legs, arms, and core and will improve your flexibility, balance, and coordination.


Children’s Arm and Pedal Bike

Specially designed for children aged 11 and under, the Children’s Arm and Pedal Bike is 75% of the size of our Adult’s Arm and Pedal Bike. 

It targets the same areas as the adult version, exercising the whole body, improving balance, hand-eye coordination, and overall physical literacy. 

The arm and pedal bike is a very intuitive piece of outdoor gym equipment to operate and it allows children to jump on, get started straight away and begin to develop their confidence in fitness. 


Adult Seated Leg Press

The Seated Leg Press is from our strength range and uses your own body weight for resistance. The layout of this piece allows 1 or 2 users to exercise at once. 

Once you have taken a seat on this piece of equipment, you then use your legs to push your seat away from the frame. 

The Seated Leg Press combines stretching, resistance and posture which will improve your flexibility, strength and balance. You can also watch our how-to guide on how to isolate just the calf muscles for a more thorough workout. 

Each piece of Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym equipment comes with an integrated instruction label on how to use the equipment effectively as well as a suggested workout. 


Children’s Seated Leg Press

Our Children’s Seated Leg Press can be used on your own or in pairs. 

Children love pair work in the classroom and outdoors is no different, as it creates variety and adds energy to a PE lesson by changing the dynamic of the group. When different abilities exercise in pairs, it is even more effective as they feed off one another and this collaborative approach to exercise builds confidence in fitness ability. When a pair finishes something successfully through collaborating with each other, there’s a greater feeling of pride upon reaching a team goal.

Using the seated leg press, will make you stronger and make your body more flexible. You can use it both feet on, or one foot on to exercise just one leg at a time. 

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