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Have you seen our new children’s animations?

Developed alongside our children’s outdoor gym equipment, to support primary school teaching staff, we have created a full set of animations that will show the children how to use their outdoor gym equipment effectively.

Children's Outdoor Gym Animation

15th July 2019

There are 10 animations, one for each of the 10 products we have in our Children’s range. They show the children how to use the gym equipment safely and effectively along with different ways of using them. These can be shown individually, or the compilation shows all 10 back-to-back. 

These short cartoons also explain how using the gym equipment will benefit their bodies.  The parts of the body they will use, the various muscles they will be working and the overall benefit they will get including building strength, balance, stamina and heart health.

Available on the Fresh Air Fitness YouTube Channel, they can be streamed via interactive white boards in the classroom/ hall or shown on tablets next to the equipment.

These short clips will keep the children engaged, show them how easy and fun it is to use their outdoor gym equipment and motivate them to use their outdoor gym whenever they have the opportunity. They’ll also help children who might be intimidated by sport and PE. Allaying any fears about how to do it properly, how to do it safely and how to feel comfortable using the equipment.

They can also be used as a training resource for teachers and lunchtime supervisors, demonstrating how the gym should be used and how beneficial they are for the children to use.

The animations can be used in conjunction with our lesson planner and fitness tracker so that children can track their progress over a term and see how they improve their personal best.  Our YouTube channel also has several case studies which gives further tips on the effective use of the equipment. For more information on these or to be sent copies for your school to use, please get in touch 01483 608860


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