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Menu plan, week 2

Operation: See Ya Dad Bod! Week 2

Well operation “see ya dad bod” is well and truly underway, with what felt like a row worthy of a place in the Cambridge rowing team, followed by burpees and press ups I can safely say I ache all over and that was just the first session!

Outdoor fitness

17th December 2019

Name: Gareth Wilson

Age: 39

Company Position: Northern Sales Manager

Fitness Level: Beginner

Fitness Goals: Lose weight, Get fitter and healthier, have more energy


My best friend / worst enemy (The PT) has put me on a very well-balanced diet of proteins, carbs and essential fat.

My breakfast has been consisting of 5 boiled eggs, a blueberry smoothie which has 50g of blueberries and 250mm of full fat milk and 50g of cashew nuts. At first, I thought he was crazy telling me this breakfast would fill me up, I thought I could give cool hand luke a run for his money! but low and behold he was right. Considering I have only been on the food plan a week I can honestly say I feel the benefits already. 3 hours later I would have a jacket potato with the most amazing Irish butter I have ever tasted, a tea consisting of chicken, broccoli and cauliflower and then a tin of tuna as a snack around 7pm. I am also drinking at least 3 litres of water a day.

My energy levels are up and I am not feeling hungry at all.

I've been running regularly and here is my latest workout routine: 4 x 15 medicine ball throws with a squat, then deadlift for reps, 1 x 15 @ 50kg, 1 x 15 @70kg, 3 x 9 at 90kg.

So far I’ve lost 5.5lbs! Watch this space guys!

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