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Operation: See Ya Dad Bod!

I'm nearly 40 and over the last few years, family and work (and a host of other excuses) have left my fitness being left 'til tomorrow'. But now is the time to change! Follow me over the next 12 weeks while I take on a gruelling regime to get me back into shape!

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2nd December 2019

Name: Gareth Wilson

Age: 39

Company Position: Northern Sales Manager

Fitness Level: Beginner

Fitness Goals: Lose weight, Get fitter and healthier, have more energy


Operation: See Ya Dad Bod!

Firstly, I would like to start by saying that I don’t have any special letters after my name, no honours, no Batchelors degrees, in fact the only letters I have is my BSC, my bronze swimming certificate! I am on the other hand a qualified personal trainer with over 15 years’ experience of exercising in gyms and writing personal training programmes. I use the term “15years’ experience” quite loosely! What I should mention is that I left working in a gym over 15 years ago and just trained as and when I felt like it. Unfortunately, like many people around the world, I have fallen in to the trap of work and children and making more and more excuses why I don’t have time to go to the gym and that I’ll “go tomorrow”.

Since leaving the fitness profession scene and moving over to sales of fitness equipment I can reluctantly tell you that I have gained over 3 stone, my fitness has dropped so much that I find it hard to run a bath never mind a 5k, and that I am sadly approaching the big 4-0. I can remember looking at “old dads” (yes I used to believe that 40 was ancient) thinking, how did they let them self-get so out of shape when all you have to do is eat sensible and exercise a few times a week? Let me tell you if I could give a young me any advice it would be to look after your body as much as possible (and appreciate your hair).

I have decided that now is the time to finally practice what I preach and get back to the gym and start taking care of myself. In order to do this, I’ve enlisted the help of a personal trainer, Mark Tummon. Mark has been a personal trainer at my gym for years and I always heard people talking about how good his workouts and nutritional advice is, so I thought I’d bite the bullet and do what us men hate to do and ask for help! After explaining what my goals were and my dreadful current eating habits Mark set out a plan which I very quickly nicknamed “Operation: See Ya! Dad Bod” Over the next 12 weeks I will be pushed to my limits both physically and mentally whilst following a strict training regime and nutritional programme (notice I didn’t say diet as real men don’t do diets!)

Over my journey I will be recording what food I eat, how many times per week I train, what kind of workouts I undertake and how I feel in myself.

Watch this space. Photos, stats and videos coming soon!

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