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Announcing the launch of our new Training Rig

Fresh Air Fitness are delighted to announce the launch of the new Training Rig to help aid your healthy lifestyle journey in a safe and reliable way.

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10th July 2023

At Fresh Air Fitness, we’re constantly looking to update and refresh our line-up of outdoor gym equipment. To that end, we’re proud to launch our new Training Rig, offering more than 80 exercise options with six workout stations. It can fit eight people exercising together. 

The sheer variety of creative training options means you can keep your workout varied, mixing it up every time you go on the rig. What’s more, this piece of kit is aimed at all abilities, from beginner grade to advanced. So initial fitness level is irrelevant, and the rig suits all kinds of users from individuals to sports teams and clubs and local communities

And that’s not the only way in which it’s versatile! You can add straps, bands, ropes and boxing bags at multiple anchoring points across this equipment, creating even more workout options and number of users.  Add our inclusivity attachment and it becomes accessible to wheelchair users, too. 

There’s further flexibility in terms of surfaces on to which you can fit the rig – these include grass, rubber mulch and wetpour. 

Users enjoy a whole-body, demanding workout based on the principles of calisthenics – which relies on bodyweight alone. This form of strength training consists of a variety of movements which exercise large muscle groups. 

Those who use the rig regularly will benefit from enhanced muscle and cardiovascular strength, improved cardio fitness and rapid toning and muscle definition. At the same time, this machine builds flexibility, balance and coordination. 

The primary muscle groups worked are in the arms, shoulders, back and chest, as well as the legs, core and glutes. 

What work out stations are part of the Training Rig? 

As mentioned, there are six of these, set within an area of 46m²: 

  • Sit-up bench: Single seat with footholds for crunches, Russian twists and more.  
  • Ninja ladder: An 11-bar horizontal ladder for traversing, neutral-grip chin-ups and hanging leg or knee raises. 
  • Leg lift station: For knee and leg lifts plus triceps dips – with handles and back and elbow rests. 
  • Pull-up station: With static handles for chin and pull-ups. 
  • Step-up platform: For step-ups, mountain climbers, dips and glute raises, this is a square, non-slip static platform. 
  • Push-up and dip station: A versatile frame for a range of exercises. 

There’s also a wide pull-up bar allowing for a variety of exercises, including chin-ups. 

Charlotte Randall, fitness instructor, described the product as “fantastic and versatile. Perfect for circuit training my bootcamp class for a full-body workout.”

Taking safety seriously

Our Training Rig is clearly labelled, with guidance for safe use and suggested workouts so exercisers feel the maximum benefit. Meanwhile, QR codes create links to videos, giving more information for getting the most from the equipment. 

All our equipment meets ISO9001 quality standards and management, and UK EN1176 & EN16630 safety standards, meaning you can fit it in your community with confidence that it will be safe.

Gym Equipment Built to Last

This UK-designed and built product has a 25-year guarantee for its structural parts, while paint and finishes are guaranteed for five years and plastic parts and accessories for one. 

Static dimensions are 3700 x 3300 x 2307mm (LxWxH) – for dynamic dimensions those figures remain unchanged. 

We fit concrete foundations and fixing posts, while material used in 3mm stell finished with Akzo Nobel powder-coat system.

Super-size me

We produce a larger ‘Big Rig’ version, which fits 16 users at a time, it's bigger and comes with different workout stations. Interested in this product? Get in touch with a member of the expert team to find out more.

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